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Pray for Three Orphans

Coloring Page

The Voice of the Martyrs has learned about two boys and a girl lived with their father in a Muslim country. Their mother had died of an illness.

The children’s father gave his life to Jesus and left Islam (the religion of Muslims). He began attending church, but after a time, the church members asked him to leave. They were afraid of the man’s relatives, who were angry that he had become a Christian.

The man then attended another church. But sadly, his Muslim relatives caught him and killed him. Now his three children are orphans.

The pastor of the church began to care for his children. Their Muslim relatives continue to try to force them to become Muslims. The children are young adults now. Please ask God to protect them.

Download a prayer reminder coloring page to print.

Sergio Cariello: Action Bible Cartoonist


Sergio Cariello is a Christian comic book artist who has drawn Batman, Spiderman, the Lone Ranger, and other characters. He attended a school to help him improve his drawing skills, and he has also attended schools where he studied the Bible. Recently The Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton interviewed him on

Read parts of the interview below. (Edited and paraphrased from the original interview for clarity, length, and age appropriateness.)

Todd: You knew that you wanted to draw comic books when you were 5 years old.

Sergio: I grew up in Brazil, and we had comics like kids in America did. As soon as we could hold a pencil in our hands, my brother and I were drawing every day. I remember telling my parents, “When I grow up, I want to be a cartoonist. I want to draw comic books.”

Todd: Sergio Cariello is the artist behind the The Action Bible. VOM is working on The Action Bible project with the publisher. The publisher and VOM are working together to translate and distribute The Action Bible into hostile and restricted nations all over the world.

Sergio: I have dealt with Jesus from a very young age, not only drawing Him, but talking to Him and reading about Him. At times I have to stop drawing and talk to God, and even while I’m drawing. I stop and say, “Lord, fill me now. Lord, thank You. Touch my heart; I need that.”

Todd: You have said, “My Jesus is not a wimp.” Tell us about that.

Sergio: Jesus was a carpenter. Have you ever seen a carpenter’s hands? They are not weak. Have you seen the legs of people who walk miles and miles on foot? They have strong legs. Jesus didn’t have a subway system or a horse to travel.

Todd: What are some stories you have heard about how people around the world are reacting to The Action Bible?

Sergio: I hear stories such as the Indian kid who hid the book under his bed. When he finally decided to show it to his Muslim father, the father got saved by reading the book. When he looked at the picture of Jesus, he asked his son, “Where did you get this? I have been dreaming of this man. I have seen Him in my dreams.” The father witnessed to his neighbor, and the neighbors got saved. They started a church among Muslims in India.

It is my privilege to be alive and to see this happening as I live. And I praise God for everything He is doing for me and through me.

Esther Update


A previous post told about Esther, a girl who was injured when her bus was bombed by radical Muslims.

Today, more than 15 years after her bus was bombed, Esther is a teacher at a nursing college and a youth leader at her church. Radical Muslims still blow up buses in the Philippines. Esther remembers the bombing any time she travels on a bus. She is startled when she hears noises, like the sound of a mango falling on a roof. When she smells smoke, it reminds her of the bus exploding.

Recently Esther’s parents were traveling in their vehicle through a town in Mindanao when they heard a loud noise. A bomb had exploded, and it killed a person on a motorcycle in front of them, and another motorcyclist behind them. Many others were injured, but by God’s grace, Esther’s parents were spared.

It’s not easy living in a place where bombs can explode at any time. Esther trusts God and remembers His mercy toward her. She believes that the Lord will help her find peace.

(Source: VOM Australia)

Esther tells her story in the video clip below.

Pastor K Update

AsiaHouse church meeting in Asia

Two previous posts told about Brother K, a Christian in Asia. Village leaders and other villagers threatened him many times because of his faith in God. They even threatened to cut off his water and electricity if he didn’t stop his Christian activities.

Since January, Brother K has led more than 20 people to Christ. And the authorities have carried out their threat. They cut off the water and electricity to his house.

“He has a burden in his heart for his people to know Jesus,” said a VOM contact who has met Brother K.

  • Talk about all the ways you and your family use water and electricity at your house in one day.
  • Brother K has a strong desire for his people to come to Christ. Who would you like to see trust in Jesus as their Savior? Will you pray for them today?

God’s Word for Nomads

Nomad Child
A Child of Nomads

The previous post told about the work of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) among people who have not heard about Jesus. Kevin Sutter of YWAM also talked about how The Voice of the Martyrs is helping YWAM among people who do not have Bibles written in their language.

Read what he said below.

We have had YWAM people working with a nomadic tribe in Africa since about the year 2000, and that is 15 years now. [Nomads are people who move around to different places, rather than settling in one location for a long time.] A lot of time and effort has been spent in living with these people, learning their language and culture, walking with the nomads out in the bush with their cows, helping them understand who Jesus is, and helping them grow as new believers. [The “bush” is an area covered with bushes or trees.]

Obviously part of growing in your faith is to be able to read God’s Word. They don’t have the written Word of God in this particular tribe. They have parts in audio, but they don’t have access to it.

The Voice of the Martyrs is helping provide radios for the tribe. VOM said, “This is the kind of thing we do; we would love to help.”

These aren’t regular radios; they are electronic devices that have the gospel and Bible stories in their own language.

A YWAM worker who lives among the tribes sent me an email that said, “Mr. B. came to visit me last week. He needed more radios. I gave him another 10. There are many people living around Mr. B. who are interested in Jesus. One of them is the chief. The other day Mr. B. heard the chief telling someone about Jesus.”

These radios are great resources for them. A YWAM worker recently visited me and told me, “Ever since I heard that The Voice of the Martyrs will provide as many of these as we need, I can hardly think of anything else.”

We are in this together.

(Source: Edited for clarity, length, and age-appropriateness.)

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