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“Do You Want to See My New Book?”


“Our goal is a ‘Bible for Every Believer.’ What is remarkable about this goal is that many of the believers we serve are in the most hostile and restricted places on earth. Places where it is possible to be killed just for possessing contraband — like a Bible.” — a worker in The Voice of the Martyrs’ International Ministries department

A VOM worker told the following story after a recent Bible distribution in Nepal.

“That morning, we also distributed Children’s Bible story books. I was so pleased to see the young girl in this picture sharing her story book with a neighbor. As soon as our meeting was over, she ran out the door where her Hindu neighbor boy was waiting. We smiled at him and then she asked him if he wanted to see her new book. Of course he did! He couldn’t wait to check it out! He began to excitedly flip through the pages, and I have a feeling that he’ll get a chance to read the entire book before long.”

To Think About

  • Learn more about the beliefs Hindu children are taught here. What are some of the differences between Hinduism and Christianity?
  • Have you ever shared a Bible story with someone who had never heard the story before?

Not Alone


1 Kings 19 tells us that Elijah felt all alone. It seemed to him that few people were devoted to God. But God told Elijah that he was mistaken. Thousands of others were refusing to bow to false gods. (See 1 Kings 19:18.)

In Central Asia today, many people are Muslims. Maybe some Christians there feel alone like Elijah.

VOM recently received the following report from a Christian in a Central Asian country who was encouraged to find out about more Christians in his country.

“I was working out at a fitness center. Two young men next to me were talking to each other. They didn’t know I am a Christian.

“One young man said that he, his family, his girlfriend, and her family went to the mosque to prepare for his marriage to his girlfriend. [A mosque is a building where Muslims worship.]

“The young man told his friend that the leader of the mosque asked him and his family, ‘Are you Muslim or Christian?’ The young man was very insulted!

“‘How can you ask us that?’ he asked the mosque leader. ‘We are good Muslims!’

“‘I’m sorry,’ the mosque leader had replied. ‘But I have to ask because so many people are becoming Christians these days!’”

(Source: VOM contacts. Edited from the original for clarity. Photo source: Health Gauge / Flickr

To Discuss

  • How did the Christian find out that others are coming to Christ?
  • Note: The Christian is still not really sure if many people are coming to Christ in his country. The mosque leader could have heard a rumor from Muslims who want to stir up other Muslims by scaring them about Christians. A Christian worker said, “If it’s true, praise God! If it’s not yet true, please pray that God will use the false reports to show Central Asians that it is possible to be both a citizen of their country and a follower of Christ!”

Vietnam: New Roommates


Download a Vietnam coloring page, a flag, and a map to color.

The following report from VOM Australia tells how policemen found ways to disturb Binh and Uriah, a Vietnamese couple.

Binh and Uriah witnessed for Christ in their community and many local villagers were saved. Then a new trial was imposed on the family. Three policemen arrived at their door, saying they were going to live with them, right in their house! The police had orders not to leave until the family stopped their Christian activities.

Binh and Uriah were stunned. But the policemen told them, “We are in no hurry to go home.” The police warned everyone in the community not to talk to Binh and Uriah.

The couple’s children said to the policemen, “Why are you doing this? Our parents have done nothing wrong and we will still keep on our path.”

A policeman answered, “If you were 18 years old we would be within our rights to beat you, so be glad you are still small.”

Binh had a Bible and a hymnbook hidden, and the police have not found them. The family takes any opportunities they can to read the Bible and silently worship the Lord without the police finding out.

Other believers also have police in their homes trying to force them to deny Christ.

(Source: VOM Australia)

To Think About
If you were part of Binh and Uriah’s family, what are five things you would like Christians in other countries to pray on your behalf? Will you pray about those things this week?

Vietnam: Rotten Eggs and Dead Ducks


“A new wave of persecution is rampant through northern parts of Vietnam today.” — VOM Australia

A Bible school in Vietnam has suffered through many attacks over the last 10 years. The school trains youth to spread the gospel among their people.

But many local leaders do not want the good news of Jesus to spread in their communities. They would rather the Christians worship idols. “Renounce your faith and put your idols back up in your house,” a government official told a family who had decided to follow Jesus.

Enemies have tried different ways to discourage the students and teachers at the Bible school. The Christians stood firm in their faith even when attackers took them to the police station and hit them with sticks.

Recently a gang of youth came to the school with cameras. They pretended they were youth reporters. But the principal knew they were planning to cause trouble. “Please go away,” he told the gang.

Later that night, the gang returned. They threw rotten eggs and dead ducks all over the outside of the school building and tossed stones on the roof. The principal told them, “We have the right to defend ourselves. But let me tell you this very clearly: we are ready to be martyrs. We will not surrender.”

Ask God to keep Christians in Vietnam strong no matter how enemies try to distract them.

(Source: VOM Australia)

Read about another way Christians in Vietnam are persecuted in the next post.

Changes in Chiapas


In recent years, Christian children in Chiapas, Mexico have been expelled from school even though they broke no rules. (Chiapas is a state in Mexico.) Some Christian families are treated badly and even kicked out of their homes and villages by people who do not follow the Bible’s teachings. (Enter “Chiapas” in the Search box to find stories and video clips about Christians in Chiapas.)

The Voice of the Martyrs has helped Christians in Chiapas by providing food, household supplies, and Christian books and materials. But Christians aren’t the only ones bringing aid to poor people in Chiapas.

Several years ago, Muslims from Europe arrived in Chiapas. They set up stores and businesses, and they offered people jobs if they would become Muslims. Hundreds of poor people accepted their offer.

“Now there are three mosques in San Cristobal,” said a VOM contact in Mexico. (San Cristobal is a city in Chiapas. Mosques are buildings where Muslims worship.) “They are supported by Muslims from other countries,” said the VOM contact.

Muslims from the United States have taken “mission trips” to San Cristobal. They have repaired a mosque, distributed food and school supplies, and provided activities for children.

Sadly, some Christians have left Christianity to become Muslims. Please pray that people in Chiapas will know God’s truth and follow it.

To find more prayer needs of people in Chiapas, download Bold Believers in Chiapas from the Downloads section. (Page 46 lists prayer needs.)

Learn more about Islam from the book Learning About Islam, also available from the Downloads section.