Noi and the Police


Noi is the leader of a group of house churches in Laos. The churches are in areas where groups of tribal people live. The authorities do not want tribal people to follow Jesus.

The chief in Noi’s village has tried many times to stop the Christians in the village from meeting together. He questioned Noi about the church five times last year. Every time, Noi explained that the believers learn how to stop sinning at their meetings. When people stop sinning it is good for the village!

“If we teach people about Jesus, they become good people,” Noi told the chief. “We have to meet every week to learn what God is saying.”

The police continued to check on the Christians and their church services. Last Easter, two policemen came to watch the church. If non-Christian spies came to spy on your church, what would you say to them? At Noi’s church, the church members invited the policemen to sit in seats at the front of the church because those are the seats of honor!

The policemen heard the Christians talk about how sin keeps us from God, and how Jesus saves people from sin. They began to feel guilty about their own sins.

“Wow, this Jesus is really tough on sin,” one of them said after the service. The Christians invited the policemen to stay for a meal after the service. But the police, still concerned about their sins, turned down the invitation.

Noi knows he will probably be questioned and watched many more times by the authorities. But he continues to lead the churches in his area.

(Source: December 2014 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine)

To Talk About

  • John 16:8–9 says, “[Jesus said], ‘And when [the Holy Spirit] has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: of sin, because they do not believe in Me….’” What do the verses mean? How might the verses apply to the policemen who visited the church service?
  • If the village chief and the police were not always watching the Christians, they might never hear the truth about Jesus. Can you think of other situations where Christians might be made to feel uncomfortable , but the result might be that more people come to Christ?

Ahmed: “A Hard Time Sitting Still”

A child in India

Do you know someone who has a hard time sitting still and being quiet? Ahmed, a Christian in India, has a hard time sitting still and keeping quiet. And God is using his abilities to reach Muslims for Christ.

India has more than 100 Muslims, and Ahmed used to be one of them. He was a zealous Muslim teacher. A person who is “zealous” is eager, dedicated, enthusiastic, and committed. Ahmed was committed to Islam, the religion of Muslims. He was probably not still and quiet in those days either.

But God had better plans for Ahmed.

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Kenya: Grandmother Elizabeth

Elizabeth (in the green scarf) and her grandchildren

Read the previous post that tells the story of a family attacked by radical Muslims in Kenya. The following story tells what happened to a family in another village in Kenya.

“The attackers were young men dressed in jungle-wear uniforms….They carried machetes and guns,” said Elizabeth, a Christian grandmother in Kenya.

The radical Muslims came to Elizabeth’s house and asked if there were any men in the house. Elizabeth said no. Then they asked her to deny Christ and become a Muslim. Again she said no.

The attackers put everything from her house and her church in one place. They asked her again to become a Muslim and save her belongings, and she would not.

So the men set all her possessions on fire. Then they set her house on fire. Elizabeth rushed into the house to save her sleeping grandchildren. The men told her they planned to come back and that she had better be a Muslim by the time they returned.

The villagers left their homes and land to camp out in safer places. Since they were not able to watch their land, buffaloes and wild animals ate their crops. Some of the Christians wanted to move to other towns, but they had no possessions or money with which to start their lives over.

Guards began to watch churches in the area during worship services and on special occasions.

The Voice of the Martyrs has helped the Christians with their daily needs. Pray that Christians in Kenya will be safe.

Kenya: Frida and Her Family

Villagers leaving home

Frida, her husband, and their children were at their home in Kenya one night when they heard a knock at the door. Frida knew better than to open the door to strangers. Radical Muslims from nearby Somalia sometimes attack Christians in the area, and Frida and her family are Christians.

But that night Frida heard her neighbor’s familiar voice asking her to open the door. When she opened the door, she saw her neighbor’s hands tied behind his back. The armed men with him had tricked Frida by forcing the neighbor to call out to her.

One of the Muslims asked Frida if she was a Muslim. Frida was frightened. She said, “Yes,” hoping to save herself and her family. Then the men asked her to recite a common verse from the Quran, the Muslim holy book. She was not able to recite the verse, so they knew she wasn’t a Muslim. So they tied her husband’s hands and led him away.

Repenting and Sadness
Frida ran to another neighbor’s house. She and the neighbor ran into the woods with their children.

Frida was miserable about telling the attackers she was a Muslim. She repented and said she will never make the same mistake. She will stand firm in her faith in Jesus.

Sadly, the attackers killed Frida’s husband. After the attack, the villagers fled from their homes and farms, leaving almost everything behind. Some camped at friends’ houses in another town and others on the grounds of a government prison. The Voice of the Martyrs has provided them with blankets, mattresses, food, mosquito nets, and other necessities.

Read about another Kenyan family in the next post, and please pray for Kenyan Christians.

Iran Puzzle

December 21st is sometimes observed as the anniversary of the first crossword puzzle. On that date, a New York newspaper published a “word-cross” puzzle. The puzzle creator borrowed ideas from earlier forms of puzzles, including the word square.

In a word square puzzle, the words read the same vertically (up and down) and horizontally (across). Read the information below about Iran. Then use the clues and a Bible to help you complete the puzzle.

Iran is part of the continent of Asia. Tehran is its capital. The country is near Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Most of the people are Muslims, but many are coming to Christ. Muslims who become Christians are sometimes persecuted by friends, relatives, teachers, and officials.


Across and Down Clues

  1. Tehran is the capital of _____.
  2. Jesus told his disciples that He would _____ from the dead (Mark 9:31).
  3. Iran is part of the continent of _____.
  4. Iran is _____ Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Word Square Answers

  1. Iran, rise, Asia, near.