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More About North Korean Youth

North Korea
A North Korean youth looks at a map of North and South Korea

The North Korean government is very rough to any citizen who is discovered to be a Christian. Some Christians in North Korea leave the country to places like China or South Korea. VOM contacts talked with Christian youth who escape from North Korea and are now living in South Korea:

Question: What is school like in North Korea?

Answer: School is very stressful because there are always assignments to submit. Sometimes an assignment is to catch a rabbit to give to the government, or to collect animal droppings for fertilizer.

When you are a child, it is stressful because these things are hard to find. If you don’t find them, you can’t be promoted in school.

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Hope in Burma

“The hope of heaven always keeps us moving ahead whether we are persecuted, whether we are beaten or not. The hope that someday we will be in heaven keeps us going ahead.”

— Christian in Burma

At times, Christians in Burma have a hard time getting government permission to build new churches or repair old ones. Sometimes officials destroy places of worship and treat Christians harshly.

In this video clip, Christians in Burma share what gives them hope when they are persecuted.

One Hundred Miles, One Hundred Children

With war raging about her and soldiers closing in, the wounded missionary Gladys Aylward set out on the most difficult journey of her life — a 100-mile trek over mountains in China to a safe haven. But it was not her own safety that concerned Gladys; it was the safety and well-being of the 100 orphaned children in her care.

Gladys’ strength and faith were stretched to the limit, but she took all the children to safety. She was able to serve God in many other ways in China, because she was willing to be used by Him wherever He needed her.

Gladys said, “I wasn’t God’s first choice for what I’ve done in China. I don’t know who was. It must have been a man, a well-educated man. I don’t know what happened. Perhaps he died. Perhaps he wasn’t willing. And God looked down and saw Gladys Aylward. And God said, ‘Well, she’s willing.’”


The Torchlighters: The Gladys Aylward Story is a children’s DVD that tells how Gladys led more than 100 children on a hike through mountains in China to escape enemy soldiers. Find out more about Torchlighters DVDs here.

Each Torchlighters video comes with a Student’s and Leader’s Guide. These free guides, available in the Downloads section of this site, teach parents and children about “Heroes of the Faith” like Gladys Aylward, through a variety of activities such as coloring pages, puzzles and trivia.

To Think About
Why might someone not be willing to follow the Bible’s teachings and God’s will? Do you think they might not trust God to provide for all their needs if they follow him?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5–6 (NIV).

North Korea: Balloon Launch

In North Korea, it is against the law to share the gospel of Jesus. But Christians from other countries are finding ways to reach North Koreans with the truth. Balloons that carry Scriptures are floated into North Korea from outside the country.

Typewriters and Prisoner Alert


Almost 150 years ago on June 23, 1868, an inventor, Christopher Sholes, received a U.S. patent for his manual typewriter. A typewriter is a machine that prints symbols on paper as the typist types them. A manual typewriter is one that does not need electricity to operate.

Things you can do with a manual typewriter that you can’t do with a computer:

  • You will never get a virus on your machine.
  • You can print as you type.
  • You will never need wifi, electricity, or a mouse to operate.
  • You can make an exclamation point by typing an apostrophe, back spacing, then typing a period below the apostrophe.

Things you can do with a computer that you can’t do with a typewriter:

  • William Carey (born 1761; died 1834) was a missionary to India. He spent years translating scriptures into other languages. The work was very difficult. In 1812, a fire destroyed the building where his work was stored. “In one night the labors of years are consumed,” he wrote. Bible translators today can store their work on computers in various locations. A fire would not destroy all their work.
  • You can connect to websites. And on the website, you can translate a Christian phrase into another language to send a message to a Christian who is prison for their Christian activities. You can write a letter to any of the prisoners on the site using the simple online writing process.