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Fulanis Receive Audio Bibles


Christians in Nigeria are spreading the gospel among Muslims groups — even groups that persecute Christians.

Fulani people in Nigeria are mostly Muslims, but some are coming to Christ. Others have attacked Christians and churches.

The photo in this post shows a Fulani leader and his three wives with MP3 players given to them by VOM contacts. The MP3 players play audio versions of the Bible. The wives requested that they each receive their own player.

Note: Muslim tradition allows men to have as many as four wives. A missionary who served among Muslims for many years said that no Muslim with more than one wife ever told him that they had a peaceful marriage. Instead, “they have stated how difficult it is to create a climate of love and trust within the family.” Source: Understanding Muslim Teachings and Traditions, by Phil Parshall.

Pray that the Fulani people who listen to the Bible will decide to follow God’s will and trust in Christ.

Persecuted Country Lesson Plans


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“Pray for Us”


The Voice of the Martyrs received the following letter from a 13-year-old girl from North Carolina.

“Dear The Voice of the Martyrs,

“I am sorry that I have no money to give. But what I can give is my prayer that money will come your way, and I still do continue to pray for the persecuted. I think that it is wonderful that you try to reach out to people and help them to be aware of things around them.
Bethany D.”

When VOM workers ask persecuted believers how Christians in other countries can help them, the number one answer is, “Pray for us.” Thank you, Bethany, for your prayers.

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Bibles for the Muslim Roma

Muslim Roma

The Muslim Roma girl in the photo lives in Eastern Europe. Roma people used to be called “gypsies,” and they still are in some places. But most prefer not to be called gypsies. And many would rather be referred to as “Romani people.”

They often follow the religion of the people around them in the countries where they live. VOM contacts distribute Bibles among the Muslim Roma in Eastern Europe. The girl in the photo is holding one of the Bibles. Pray she will trust in Jesus as her Savior.

Embarrassed at School


The following skit is part of the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum. For information the curriculum, visit

Samir at School

Based on a true story from Egypt


  • Samir [sah-MEER], a male elementary school student. Later he becomes Narrator.
  • Teacher
  • Other students

Samir and other students are sitting at desks in a classroom. The teacher is at the front of the class.

Teacher: Samir?

Samir: Yes, ma’am?

Teacher: Are you a Christian?

Samir: Yes, ma’am.

(The other students snicker.)

Teacher: (to class) Are any of the rest of you Christians?

Other students: No way, not me, no, etc.

Teacher: We’re all Muslims, right?

Other students: That’s right, yeah, definitely, etc.

Teacher: Well, Samir, do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?

Samir: Yes, I do.

(Other students laugh, giggle, make disapproving noises, etc.)

Teacher: (Walks to Samir’s desk holding a Quran. She talks as she walks.) But Jesus walked on earth. (stops by Samir’s desk) So how can He be the Son of God? Does God walk on earth? Does God eat? Does He sleep in a bed? (holds up the Quran) Our holy book, the Quran, says that Jesus ate food. It also says Jesus was a prophet and not the Son of God. Why don’t you understand that?

Other students and Teacher freeze. Samir, now the Narrator, gets up from his desk and walks to center stage to talk to the audience.

Narrator: Hi, I’m [real name]. Things like that don’t really happen at my school in America. But it did really happen to Samir, a kindergarten student in Egypt, where most people are Muslims. Samir felt alone when the students and teachers made fun of him. Philippians 2:6–11 tells about how Jesus came to earth as a man. But Samir did not know how to explain that to his teacher and friends.

Samir is now an adult. But children in Egypt are still teased for being Christians and pressured to give up their faith. Today Samir publishes a magazine for Christian children to help them learn how to stand up for their beliefs. We can ask God to help the Christian children in Egypt stay strong for Jesus.