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Prayer Reminder Calendar Craft

CalendarCalendar made by a VOM volunteer

You can make a calendar that reminds you to pray for persecuted Christians throughout the year.

  1. Cut 12 pieces of 4-inch by 4-inch (or larger) calendar pages out of plain, colored, or graph paper.

  2. Draw or glue a small one-month calendar grid on each page.

  3. Attach one or two photos from VOM/Kids of Courage publications or websites to each page.

    Suggestion: The 2013 Kids of Courage IDOP resource in the Downloads section includes and “A to Z Prayer Guide” with photos and prayer points. There are 52 Sundays in 2014 and 26 prayer points on the guide. Use photos and prayer points from the guide, and pray for each prayer request for two weeks.

  4. Write a short Bible verse or prayer point by the picture on each calendar page.

  5. Punch two holes at the top of each page, at least 1 inch from the sides and ¾ inch from the top. Put paper fasteners, twine, yarn, or shoestrings through the holes to hold the calendar pages together.

    Suggestion: Make a back cover for the calendar out of cardboard or card stock; attach a magnetic strip to the back to put the calendar on your refrigerator.

More Ways Kids Help

Washington Bible Bee kidsWashington Bible Bee kids

Children all over North America have thought of creative ways to remember (Hebrews 13:3) and help (Galatians 6:10) persecuted Christians. Read below a few of the many ways kids helped in 2013.

From Hannah, age 8, in Seneca Falls, New York:

We raised money for VOM’s Safe Houses fund by selling friendship bracelets. Our friends helped us sell them.

From Chloe, age 10, in Seven Hills, Ohio:

My parents get your magazine, and after reading some of the stories, I decided to start a club to pray for organizations like yours.

Lisa, a Sunday school teacher in Fairborn, Ohio:

We wanted the children in our church to realize no matter how young or old you are, you can be a witness for Christ. We explained to them how they were blessed to be able to worship God and to have their very own Bible, and how in many places it is illegal to even speak about God. The children decided that they wanted to help others be blessed like they are blessed. So they painted piggy banks, and we displayed them in the back of the church to raise money for VOM.

Dana from Vancouver, Washington, is a leader of a Bible Bee group. For the second year in a row, members of the group have earned $1 per verse from an anonymous donor for reciting memorized Bible verses. In 2013, the group recited verses to earn money for Christians in Sudan. (See the photo above of the kids with the Sudan poster they made.)

(Edited from original sources for space and clarity.)

New Year’s Resolution to Help Persecuted Christians

One Hundred Ways Poster

Make a plan to help persecuted Christians in 2014.

Go to the Downloads section of this site and download the “One Hundred Ways [Kids Can Help the Persecuted Church]” poster in the “Other” category. Read or print the poster and choose five tasks from the poster that you can do this year. Make plans to carry out the tasks and ask others to help you with your plans.