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Praising God Around the World: A QR Code Activity

Instructions for Parents and Teachers
Print the QR codes and descriptions below, cut them out, and attach them to the corresponding country on a world map on the wall or in an atlas. Download any QR code reader app on your smartphone or tablet. Have students use the app to scan the QR code and watch videos of Christians around the world praising God.

QR Code Description: Most of the people in Turkey are Muslims. A camp in Turkey gives Christian children the opportunity to spend time with other Christians. The words “Isa Masih” in the song mean “Jesus” in Turkish.
QR Code Description: Watch children in Bangladesh singing, jumping rope, playing cricket (a game like baseball), threshing rice, and riding on a bus. Dutch Christians took the video, and the captions are in Dutch, the language of the Netherlands.
Bangladesh has the fourth largest Muslim population in the world. Less than one percent of the people are Christians.
QR Code Description: A refugee is someone who flees from a place of danger to go to a safer place. The video shows Christian refugees in Indonesia who left their homes after Muslims attacked their area several years ago. They are singing about their joy in the Lord.
QR Code Description: Iranian Christians dance while chanting the names of God. On the video, their faces have been hidden to protect their identity because Christians in Iran are in danger of persecution by Iranian officials.
QR Code Description: A few years ago, officials in Vietnam warned members of a house church that it was against the law to display a “Joy to the World” banner at Christmastime. The officials also said the church could not have a Christmas celebration with neighbors and friends.

Officials in Vietnam still give tribal Christians a hard time, and the Christians still sing of their joy in Christ.

QR Code Description: Watch Christians worship at a church in Cuba, where freedom of religion is not always observed, and persecution still happens.

Family Loses Their “Family Book”

Pastor's son and children
The pastor’s son (left) takes care of the children

In Laos, families keep “family books.” They use the books like people in the United States use birth certificates, social security cards, driver’s licenses, and other forms of identification.

After seven Christian families started a church in a village in Laos, the village leaders took away their family books. The leaders told the families that they would get their books back if they stopped being Christians.

Without their family books, the children could not go to school, and they will not be able to get jobs when they grow up. The families also cannot buy or sell anything.

The families looked for a year and finally found a town where the children would be allowed to go to school. Their pastor’s 26-year-old son moved to the town with his wife and child to take care of the children.

The children sleep in the pastor’s son’s hut during the school week. Then they make the 2-hour walk back to their village to spend weekends with their parents.

Although the children can attend classes, they will not be allowed to graduate unless their families deny Christ, and they get their family’s books back. Ask God to help them stay strong in their faith.

To Think About
What would a week at your house be like if you could not buy or sell anything?

A Syrian Family in Lebanon

Flag of Syria

The following letter is from a Christian worker in Lebanon who helps Syrian refugees.

“One morning I went out distributing food for Syrian refugees who have escaped Syria to find refuge in Lebanon. As I was walking and praying, I met a boy. The boy said that he and his family are from Homs, Syria. When I asked him if I could visit them, he was hesitant. I gave him my phone number and some food. His father did call that afternoon, thanked me for the food and invited us to his house.

“The following day my wife and I went to his house and met the man’s family. They have three children. They turned out to be a Christian-background family who escaped the fighting and possible persecution in their village. The man had been memorizing verses from the Bible for the past 10 years and was still doing this, but he did not know Jesus personally.

“From our first visit, they invited us to read the Scriptures together. Although they grew up going to church, they had never experienced salvation in Christ. As we read the Bible passages about following Jesus, they were ready to receive Christ. They all gave their lives to Jesus at the end of the meeting. Salvation has come to the entire household!

“The man told us that he has been praying for a long time that God would send him believers in Christ who could share and explain the Scriptures to them. He then said God had answered his prayers and now he is ready to open his house for study of God’s Word for his entire family. What a joy it was for us to hear this! We started visiting them every Saturday evening for a time of prayer, discussion and Bible study.”

Note: One of the family’s relatives, Darius, was saved in their home! A few days later while Darius was visiting his hometown in Syria, he was killed by Muslims. God is comforting and strengthening his relatives and other Syrian Christians.

What the Bible Says About Persecution

Some Muslims would like all of Nigeria to be ruled by Muslim law. Those Muslims have persecuted Christians who did not want to follow their rules. The Bible tells Christians what to do when they are persecuted for their faith (Matthew 5:12). To find out, solve the math for each letter below. Each answer stands for a letter in the seven-letter word represented by numbers at the bottom of the page. Write the answer in the blanks above the numbers.

  • 2+5=E
  • 3+2=J
  • 9-1=O
  • 8-7=R
  • 6-3=C
  • 2+2=I
________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________
1 7 5 8 4 3 7

Students Punished for Following Jesus

Some prisoners are kept in containers like these

What country in the world needs the most prayer?

Although it is important to pray for all countries where Christians are persecuted, one worker from The Voice of the Martyrs encourages Christians to especially remember Eritrea.

Men, women, youth, and children in Eritrea have all been arrested for their Christian faith and activities. Recently, VOM learned that 28 Eritrean boys and 11 girls were arrested for “Christian beliefs and for their commitment to Christ.”

The students, all in high school, were not allowed to be part of a graduation ceremony. Reports say that officials told the students that they will not be able to go to college or get out of jail unless they deny Christ.

While they are in jail, the students do not get enough food and water. They are forced to do hard work, and they are treated harshly.

How many Christians can you inform about Eritrean Christians so that they can pray for them?