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Another Bold South Sudanese Believer


Pastor Wani was baptized by Pastor Matak. He became an evangelist in a village near where he lived.

Early one Sunday morning, soldiers captured Pastor Wani and threw him in their truck. Then they caught two other pastors and tied them up with Pastor Wani. They hit one of the pastors over the head with his own Bible.

The soldiers put the pastors in prison, where the three Christians decided to make a lot of noise for the Lord. They sang and prayed. Pastor Wani believed that the soldiers were going to kill him. What would you do, say, and think if you thought you had a short time to live? Pastor Wani thought, “They will surely kill me, so I need to share the gospel with everyone in the prison before I die!”

Some of the prisoners who heard the pastors singing later asked to be baptized!

The soldiers did not kill Pastor Wani. Later, they accidentally set him free after they confused him with another prisoner. He returned to the area where the soldiers captured him.

“God has been with me all along,” Pastor Wani told workers from The Voice of the Martyrs. “I continue to preach the word of God to this day.”