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America and Islam

A Quran

There are more than 200 Muslim schools in the United States. Read below about one of them in the interview with the principal of an American Muslim school.

Talking with the Principal of a Muslim School in America

Question: Why do some families choose to send their children to Muslim school?

Principal: Some are afraid of the public school influence. Some subjects taught in public schools are not appropriate for Muslim children.

Q: Besides the usual subjects, what classes do you have in your school?

Principal: We offer Arabic, Quran memorization, and Islamic studies.

Q: What do the students learn in Islamic studies class?

Principal: We teach younger students Islamic manners. For example when you sneeze, you say, “Al Hamdu Lillah” (thank God). When you are hoping or planning something, you say, “Inshallah” (God willing). Older students study other issues.

Q: Are the girls required to wear head coverings?

Principal: It is part of the school uniform beginning in second grade.

Q: Do you have music classes?

Principal: Music is controversial in Islam. String instruments are not allowed. Percussion and drums are allowed. We have no music classes. But religious songs are sometimes sung. And we use nursery rhymes rewritten with Islamic themes.

Q: Do you have art classes?

Principal: No. Teachers sometimes include art projects in class, like the classroom decorating contest during Ramadan. But faces are prohibited in the artwork.

Q: Why is an Islamic education important for Muslim kids?

Principal: It makes the kids feel like their religion is important, not just the things they see around them.

(Source: VOM sources)

Read previous posts from this month for ideas about praying for Muslims in America and around the world during Ramadan.

Islam in America


Five troops of Girl Scouts in Massachusetts sell Girl Scout cookies, earn badges, perform community service, play games, and learn camping skills, just like other Girl Scout troops.

But when they say the Girl Scout promise, they say, “On my honor, I will try to serve Allah and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout law.” (Muslims worship Allah.)

These Massachusetts troops are made up of mostly Muslim scouts.

(Source: Islamic Society of Boston)

Muslim scout troops around the U.S. try to help girls fit in with American ways of life while keeping Muslim traditions.

When you hear about Muslims in America, what do you think?

Anna is an American who lives among Muslims in the Middle East. She tells about a woman who keeps a notebook of names of Muslims she learns about. Then she prays for them.

Anna said: “As believers, we have many people praying for us: perhaps Bible study leaders, parents, and friends from church. But most Muslims don’t have that privilege. If you know a Muslim by name, have you ever considered that you may be the only praying Christian in his life? Perhaps no one else but you is bringing him before our Father God, interceding for him in prayer.

“If Jesus has made you right with God, you are particularly poised to intercede for Muslims in a powerful and effective way (James 5:16). Petition, prayer, intercession and praise in the name of Jesus draws on the authority of His Name as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

(Source: Persecution Blog)

Will you pray for Muslims when you hear about them?

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Muslims in America

A mosque in Dearborn, MI

A news report told about 100 girls in Michigan who attended an all-girl prom. The prom was organized by Muslim girls who believe they must wear scarves and other coverings when they are around boys. The girls wanted to take off the scarves and dress up for a prom.

They decorated a hall, put on fancy dresses, danced, and crowned a prom queen. When it was time for one of their five daily memorized Muslim prayers, the girls put their scarves back on and prayed on prayer rugs.

(Source: New York Times)

Christians around the world pray for Muslims during their fasting month of Ramadan, which is in July this year. Often they pray for Muslims in other countries. During Ramadan this year, remember Muslims in America, too. Many of them came from other countries or have friends in other places. Pray that they will meet Christians who are good examples of followers of Christ and that they may be led to open their hearts to him. Perhaps they will share the good things they learn about Christians and Christ with their friends and relatives.

Note: A recent study said that most American Muslims live in 12 states: California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Texas.

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Pastor Richard Wurmbrand: More About Freedom


Pastor Wurmbrand wanted to please God whether he was in or out of prison. He did not want to wait until he got out of prison to obey and serve God. And when he was released from prison, he didn’t want to use his freedom as an excuse to spend less time with God.

“Don’t think I’ve simply come from misery to happiness,” he said after his release. I’ve come from the joy of being with Christ in prison to the joy of being with him in my family. I’m not coming from strangers to my family, but from my brothers in Christ in prison to my family in Christ at home.”

To Think About
Do you think Pastor Wurmbrand was happier in or out of prison? What was the source of Pastor Wurmbrand’s happiness?

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Cord Holder Prayer Reminder


You can make a cord holder prayer reminder to remind you to pray for South Sudanese pastors and other persecuted Christians.

Cut contact paper, colored duct tape, or cloth scraps to fit around an empty toilet paper roll. Decorate the roll with the contact paper or duct tape, or attach a cloth scrap to the roll with duct tape trim or decoupage medium.

Glue or tape a Bible verse or prayer reminder note and other decorations to the roll. Or put a verse or reminder on sticker paper or a mailing label to stick on the roll.