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Living in a Barn

Preparing for a community celebration

Some Christians in Chiapas, Mexico are forced to leave their homes and villages by people who do not agree with their beliefs and practices. When the Christians refuse to participate in community celebrations that include heavy drinking and worshiping spirits, they risk persecution.

Twenty-seven Christian families in Chiapas, including 40 children, now live in a cattle barn because they have been kicked out of their village.

The Voice of the Martyrs has provided the families with food and mattresses.

To learn more about Christians in Chiapas, download Bold Believers in Chiapas from the Downloads section.

An Accidental Bible Student

Muslims believe they should pray memorized prayers five times a day at certain times. Pintu, a boy in Bangladesh, followed the Muslim prayer rules. He even inspired other Muslims to pray in the mosque. (A mosque is a building where Muslims worship.)

Pintu believed that Islam, the religion of Muslims, was “the only true religion in the world.” Almost 90 percent of the people in Bangladesh are Muslims, so Pintu had no one to show him another way.

A friend suggested that Pintu write a letter to a certain address. He wrote the letter, then got a letter back that said, “Welcome to our Bible Correspondence Course.” Pintu had accidentally signed up for a Bible class! He was angry. He had been taught that Christians have wrong ideas.

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Burned Church in Nepal

Burned church
A church destroyed in Nepal

The following is a report received from a Christian in Nepal.

“We have very severe persecution. Some Buddhist extremists set fire to a church [see the photo]….They said that many Buddhist people are getting converted and coming to the church for fellowship. The Buddhist leader of the village blamed the Christians for bringing a “foreign religion” into the village. He said, ‘We should stop them from preaching in the church.’”

(Edited from the original source for clarity.)

The Christians from the burned church have requested a tent to worship in.

Sunday school teachers: Set up a small tent for a class “worship service.” During the service, share Nepal stories and activities from previous posts on this site.

Nepal Facts and a Birthday


About 75 percent of the people in Nepal are Hindus and about 15 percent are Buddhist. But actually, many follow a mixture of both religions. Communists, who support no religion, continue to try to increase their power in Nepal.

About two percent of the people are Christians, and their numbers are growing. Those who come to Christ from other religions may be persecuted by their families, neighbors, teachers, and bosses.

Ram Baran Yadav is the president of Nepal. He was born on February 4, 1948. Nepal used to have a king, and President Yadav was the country’s first president. Pray for President Yadav on his birthday. Pray that his government will treat Christians fairly.

The flag of Nepal is the only national flag in the world that is not a rectangle. Find two Nepal coloring pages that feature flags in the activity book for Nepal on this site.

Learn more about Christians of Nepal in Bold Believers in Nepal, available free in the Downloads section of this site.

VOM Worker Interview: “I Have to Forgive”

Todd NettletonTodd Nettleton

The following story and interview encourages us to forgive those who have wronged us. Todd Nettleton, VOM’s Director of Media Development, conducted the interview and wrote about it. Read below what Todd said.

Last month I visited Nepal to meet with and interview persecuted Christians. One of the brothers we met was a young pastor who’d been attacked by radicals just months before our visit. He was beaten up for trying to perform a Christian funeral and burial for a member of his church who’d died. I want to share a portion of our conversation, where he talked about the challenge of forgiving those who had attacked him:

Todd: Have you forgiven the people who beat you?

“Brother S”: Yes, I forgive them.

T: How?

S: It is very difficult to forgive anybody…. When reading Bible, I understood that I have to forgive because the Lord says if you don’t forgive others you will not be forgiven. …I have also done some other wrong things, some mistakes, so the Lord is working, so I have to forgive…. The Lord was speaking to me: “Forgive them. [Those who attacked you] have to come to the Lord — they have to come to Me.”…. I said okay – I forgive.

T: How long after the attack was that when you were able to forgive them?

S: For one week, I couldn’t sleep. But after one month I could forgive.

T: So for one week afterwards you couldn’t sleep. Then after one month you were really able to forgive from your heart?

S: Yes.

One of the amazing things I find as I meet with persecuted Christians is their ability to forgive those who attack and persecute them. And beyond even forgiveness, they show love and pray for God’s blessings on them. In Brother S’s case, this was a month-long process involving much prayer and wrestling with God before he came to the point of forgiving.

Most American Christians don’t deal with persecution first-hand. We are not attacked for our faith, beaten for our beliefs or forced to bury martyred family members.

But all of us are called to forgive. All of us must ask God to help us work through the pain and frustration of being wronged and come to the point of forgiving. Next time you face that challenge, I hope you’ll remember Brother S and be encouraged by his example.