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Underwater Christmas Tree

At Christmastime last year, a group of divers took a Christmas tree 37.5 meters (about 123 feet) into the water off the coast of Indonesia. Then they took ornaments underwater and placed them on the tree. The group was trying to break the world record for the deepest underwater Christmas tree.

An Iranian Christian who now lives in Indonesia led the group. The event brought attention to the struggles of people who are persecuted for their beliefs.

Check the “100 Ways Kids Can Help the Persecuted Church” poster under “Other” in the Downloads section for ideas about how you can make others aware of Christians who are persecuted.


A Vietnamese girlA Vietnamese girl

“To be a Christian is to be persecuted,” said Thanh, the teenage daughter of a pastor in Vietnam. Thanh also told worker from The Voice of the Martyrs that she feels sad.

Thanh is sad because her father is persecuted for his Christian activities. When her father is mistreated, she and her mother cry together.

But her feelings don’t stop her from loving and serving God. “A young girl can do a young girl’s work,” said Thanh. “She can hand out Bibles; she can teach younger children.”

Punished and Blessed
Officials punished Thanh’s father by making him stand all day with his arms outstretched. They hung a full bottle of water on each of his arms to make it harder.

The authorities brought Thanh’s father to a community court and asked him to deny his faith in Christ in front of many people.

He refused. “That’s why the Lord is blessing him now,” said Thanh. The church that Thanh’s father has pastored since officials released him now has 300 members. Thanh believes the Lord has blessed the church because her father remained faithful to Jesus under pressure.

Thanh asks for prayer to help her not be afraid and for freedom for everyone in Vietnam to worship the Lord freely.

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)

Note: At Christmas time this year, remember children in Vietnam whose fathers are in prison for their faith.

Escape from Kidnappers

A Pakistani girlA Pakistani girl

The following story about Parveen, a girl in Pakistan, (not the same Parveen as the girl in this story) is from the Kids of Courage archives.

“I am 13 years old, and I live in Pakistan. My name is Parveen.

“My father believes in Jesus. But when I was a year old, my mother left my father, became a Muslim, and married a Muslim man. My father remarried, and now I have a stepmother.

“I go to a Christian boarding school in a large city. In the evenings, a pastor’s wife prays with us. She told us that Jesus sacrificed for us because he loves us. I started studying the Bible every day. After that I decided to follow Christ and got baptized. I was very happy.

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Thank You Note Day

Prisoner Alert

December 26 is National Thank You Note Day. (Source: Chase’s Calendar of Events) On that day, many people write thank you notes to friends and relatives who gave them Christmas presents.

Read below some suggestions for writing additional thank you notes.

  1. Go to and find out how to write a note to a Christian in prison for their faith. Thank them for encouraging other Christians to serve God no matter what the cost.
  2. Is there someone in your community who faces obstacles as they tirelessly serve God and others? Send them a note thanking them for their service.
  3. Thank someone who has helped you grow in your faith and in your desire to be a strong witness for Jesus.

Christmas Persecution

Children at a village in Laos

Brother K and his family live in Asia. After they gave their lives to Jesus, they were the only Christians in their village. The village leaders made a rule that no one in the village could visit or talk with the new Christians.

Last Christmas, Brother K invited Christians from two other villages to come to his house for a Christmas celebration. The village authorities were angry because Brother K had not asked their permission to have a Christmas celebration in the village.

“If I had asked permission, you would have said no,” Brother K said to the authorities. “All religions have their own celebrations, so what is wrong with me inviting Christians to come to my house for a Christmas celebration?”

“Brother K will not give up easily and leave his faith,” said a VOM contact in his area. “He is full of joy in the Lord. He will stay in the village until they force him to move.”

In some places, even having a Christmas celebration can bring persecution on a family.

If you live in a free country, thank God for the freedom to celebrate his Son’s birth.