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Grateful for Bibles in Nepal


Christians in Nepal recently received Bibles from The Voice of the Martyrs’ Bibles Unbound project. Read below the thank you note sent by one of the people who got one of the Bibles.

“I gave my life to Christ 10 years ago. My husband and three children are also believers. I am a servant to rich people in our village. Because of our poverty, we never had a Bible in our family.

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Make a Bold Believers CD Photo Album


Use the following instructions to make an album of prayer reminders for persecuted Christians.

Supplies Needed: Option One
Two 12-inch by 12-inch sheets of scrapbook paper for each album; five blank or unwanted CDs or DVDs; Elmer Craft Bond All Purpose Glue; string, ribbon, yarn, or thin rope; scissors; hole punch; pencil.

With the hole punch, make two holes in the top of one of the CDs about an inch apart. Using the punched CD as a pattern, mark the other four discs with a pencil, and punch holes in them. Trace around the CD 10 times on the scrapbook paper with a pencil. Cut out the 10 circles.

Liberally apply glue to the back of a circle and place on the disc. Rub thoroughly, especially at the edges, to make sure the glue adheres to the disc. Turn the disc over and punch holes in the circle on the disc. Repeat on the back of the disc and both sides of the remaining four discs.

Cut the string or ribbon long enough to thread through all the discs and loose enough to open and close the pages of the album. Tie in the back of the album.

Find photos of people in countries where Christians are persecuted in The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter or on Kids of Courage or VOM websites. Photocopy or print the photos to glue to the album. Or photocopy them on sticker paper, cut them out, and stick them to the album pages. Add prayer points and decorations if desired.

Supplies Needed: Option Two
Use the same materials but substitute contact paper for scrapbook paper. No glue is needed.


Follow the instructions in Option One, but when cutting out the circles, leave a ¼- to 1/2 –inch tab on one edge of the circle. (See photo.) The tab will make it easier to separate the backing from the contact paper. Remove the backing and stick the paper to the discs. Follow the instructions from Option One about attaching photos.

Hajj 2012

Al-Haram mosque

Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is a holy city to Muslims. By law, non-Muslims may not enter the city. Highway signs direct non-Muslims to exit before reaching it.

Once a year, Muslims from all over the world travel to Mecca for a pilgrimage called “the Hajj,” which happens during the Muslim calendar’s month of Zulhijjah. Muslims can go to Mecca for “the lesser pilgrimage,” known as “Umrah,” at other times during the year.

In 2012, the Hajj will occur in late October. The Hajj ritual lasts several days. As part of the ritual, visitors enter a large mosque and walk several times around the Kaaba, a cube about the size of a house. A special black stone is inside the Kaaba. The pilgrims kiss the stone or point to it.

Later the Hajj visitors gather pebbles to throw at walls. The walls are the symbol of Satan.

Muslims believe that Allah asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael. (The Bible tells us in Genesis 22 that God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.) Abraham, Ishmael, and Ishmael’s mother, Hagar, are remembered in the Hajj rituals.

For many Muslims, the Hajj is the high point of their lives.

Six-year-old Hamza, an American Muslim, said, “You go to the black stone and kiss it to take away all your bad deeds, and that gives you new life.” Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, and ask a mature Christian to explain the verses to you if you don’t understand them. How does the Bible say we receive “new life?”

Photo credit: Al Jazeera English / Wikipedia (CC BY SA 2.0)

Algeria: CDs and Photocopies

Children in Algeria

When Jesus told his followers to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel,” He knew it would not always be easy. The governments of some non-Christian countries do not want people to bring Bibles into their country.

Bold Christians have smuggled Bibles into the countries for years. It can be a risky, scary task.

To make sure people receive the Bibles, Christians somewhere have to be creative. They float Scriptures into North Korea attached to balloons, and drop Bibles into the jungles of Colombia in small parachutes.

The October 2012 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter told about Ahmed and Fatima, a Christian couple in Muslim Algeria, who used to take a long trip to pick up Christian books and smuggle them back home. They took a great risk of getting caught, as they had to pass 17 police checkpoints on the way home.

Recently VOM provided Ahmed and Fatima with a printer and a CD duplicator. They can print and copy Christian materials as they are needed, so they don’t have to fear that officials will raid their home and find boxes of many Bibles. The new equipment also saves them time since they don’t have to travel a long way to get materials to share with others.

Pray that all the people in Algeria will get the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed.)

The Story of Jesus in Pakistan


The Voice of the Martyrs recently distributed booklets that tell the story of Jesus to schoolchildren in Pakistan where most of the people are Muslim.

As you look at the photos of some of the children, pray for all who received the booklets.

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