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“No One Will Help You”


The Voice of the Martyrs receives many reports about Christians who are kicked out of their villages in Laos. But this month, VOM learned about a different kind of persecution in the villages.

Policemen began watching seven Christian families and their activities in one village. They watched the Christians for three years.

Then the government built nice new houses in an area outside the village. Officials came in trucks one day and moved all the non-Christians to the new village, leaving the Christians alone in the old village!

People in the new village will be able to have a school, get new roofs from the government when they need them, get government jobs, and receive other government benefits. But the police told the Christians, “You should just clap your hands, sing songs, and praise your God, but no one will help you.

The Christians will not be considered citizens, and they can’t have village meetings or move to another village. Their children will not be allowed to attend school.

“Please pray that the families will remain strong and that the Lord will provide for them,” said a VOM contact in Asia.

“I Love to Serve”

Girls reading children’s Bibles

Najwa is a Christian in Pakistan. She had to quit school after 8th grade because her family was poor. They needed Najwa to go to work to help them buy food.

Najwa found a job cleaning at a hospital. “I was very happy to find this job,” Najwa said.

During her breaks, Najwa read her Bible. One day, a Muslim girl asked her, “What are you reading?” Najwa answered, “I am reading about Jesus.”

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Useful Invention


Cellophane tape is having a birthday this month. It was invented in the 1920s and patented on May 27, 1930. How many ways do you use tape at home and school? Here’s one way you can use it.

Hang up a world map. (You can call (800) 747-0085 to ask for a VOM prayer map that highlights countries where Christians are persecuted.) Print pictures of Christians around the world from this website, or photocopy photos from The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Tape them to the appropriate countries on the map. Or, write prayers for Christians in the countries on slips of paper and tape them to the map. Pray regularly for the Christians displayed.

Note: Find prayer suggestions for countries in Bold Believers activity books in the Downloads section.

Precious Gatherings


About 3 million people live in the territories of Gaza and the West Bank. Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, is a city in the West Bank today. The majority of the people in the territories are Muslim Palestinian Arabs.

Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs recently visited the region and learned about the problems Christian students face at schools in the territories. “They often have a very difficult time,” said one worker. “Because they are so outnumbered by Muslims, it is easy for them to feel isolated and alone. Some have even been attacked and beaten up. Also the schools may teach them a bad view of Christianity.”

Christian adults help the students get together with others who are facing the same problems. The adults help the kids understand what the Bible says about persecution. “These gatherings are precious times of encouragement, love, and training,” said the VOM worker.

To learn more about Christians in Gaza and the West Bank, download Bold Believers in Gaza and the West Bank from the Downloads section.

“Smart” Persecution

Turkish Children

A worker from The Voice of the Martyrs recently visited a Christian in Turkey. The worker said Turkish Christians often face “smart” persecution.

“Sometimes believers in Turkey do face violent persecution,” said the worker. “But they also face ‘smart’ persecution.”

One example of smart persecution happens when Christian workers are treated unfairly on their jobs. They may not be hurt physically, but can be burdened by bad treatment from Muslim bosses and workers.

In other cases, officials hassle churches and missionaries with bothersome rules, hoping they will give up their work for the Lord. At school, teachers and students may try to get kids who have become Christians to return to Islam. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.)

“It is called ‘smart’ persecution because it works,” said the VOM worker. “And also because it is easy for the persecutors to deny that they are doing it and for officials to ignore it.”

Note: May 19th is Youth and Sports Day in Turkey. The holiday honors Ataturk, a past leader of Turkey. Pray for children and youth in Turkey.