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Ask a VOM Worker: Countries, Part 2


Question: Which countries need prayer the most?

Answer from a VOM worker who deals with the Middle East: I think my heart goes out the most to Saudi Arabia. It’s very closed and secretive. There are few believers, and those who are there have to be very secretive. They cannot talk about who they are or where they are. I also feel the need to pray for Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria. They have had unrest, but there is also a great openness among the people to the gospel.

Ask a VOM Worker: Countries


Question: Which of the countries you have visited is your favorite? Which countries need prayer the most?

Answer: My favorite is Sudan because that was the first one I went to and the one I have visited the most. Ministry has changed a lot there over the years. When I first went there, it was an open war zone. You could do whatever you wanted and didn’t have to hide because it was already a war zone.

The need for prayer changes, depending on all that’s happening. Right now Pakistan is very much in the forefront. But probably the country that’s most on my mind in North Korea. It’s probably the most restricted nation, or one of the top two. The other is Saudi Arabia.

Proud to Fail

Kids in Turkey
Kids in Turkey

Children’s Day is celebrated on April 23 in Turkey. The president and other government officials turn their jobs over to children for the day.

Some Christian children do not have an easy time at schools in Turkey. Nuray was a junior high school student at a public school in Turkey. More than 1,100 students went to her school, but Nuray was one of the few Christians.

Nuray used to be a Muslim like most of the other students. After learning about God’s love for her, she became a Christian. But she still had to take a class about Islam, the religion of Muslims. To pass a written test for the class, Nuray would have to agree that Islam was the truth. Instead, she left the questions blank. She failed the test. “I’m proud to have failed a test like that,” she said.

The principal tried to get Nuray to return to Islam, but she refused. Nuray is not afraid to stand up for her belief that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Safe and Learning

Children in Indonesia

Several years ago, Christians in Indonesia opened a home to protect children whose family members had been attacked by radical Muslims. More than 30 children lived in the home in 2011. The home is called a “safe house” because the children are safe there.

The children have morning devotions and evening prayers every day. On Saturdays they fast and pray, and on Sundays they attend church services.

Kids who lived in the home had some challenges last year. Some got malaria. Boys in the home had to build a dirt wall to prevent a landslide from damaging their land.

The children work hard to do well in school. They also hope to grow some food for the home in 2012. “After the rainy season, the kids will try planting banana, pineapple seeds and cassava,” said a friend who helps the children.

Persecution against Christians in Indonesia increased in 2011. Pray that the children will continue to be safe in 2012, and that they will grow in their relationship to Jesus.

North Korea Is Not Fun for Everyone

North Korea
A North Korean Prison

North Korea honored their leader Kim Il Sung on April 15th on his 100th birthday. Kim died in 1994. His grandson, Kim Jong Un, is now ruling the country.

The citizens of North Korea will be expected to work hard to make the celebration a success. Citizens are required to honor their leaders like gods. A former prisoner from North Korea told what happened in North Korean prisons during special celebrations, including Kim’s 80th birthday in 1992. The prisoner said:

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