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Rocks in Church and a New Roof


A team of Christians recently traveled to a country where Christians are not always treated well by the government or by non-Christians. A report from the team said:

“At one church we visited, they did not have a roof. The neighbors would go up on their taller building and throw rocks into the church. The rocks hit the Christians during their worship services. The team of visitors bought metal for a roof, and the church had a new roof the next day!”

“It is incredible to see how much they appreciate such small things we take for granted!” the report said.

(Sources—Story: Vision Beyond Borders / Photo: Steve Shattuck,

To Think About: Would you keep coming to church if rocks were falling on you during the service?

Countries in the News


Xinjiang, China: Did you know that millions of Muslims live in China? Xinjiang [SHIN-jyang] is in western China. About 8 to 10 milliong Uygurs [WEE-gurs] live there, and most of them are Muslims. A few days ago, police raided a house church in Xinjiang and took away more than 70 Christians.

Learn more about Christians in Xinjiang in the book Bold Believers Among the Uygurs, free in the Downloads section of this site.

Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country in Central Asia. (Do some research to find out what “doubly landlocked” means.) Police are raiding house churches in Uzbekistan, too. Open Doors has named Uzbekistan one of the top ten countries on its World Watch List of persecuting countries.

Learn more about Christians in Uzbekistan in the book Bold Believers in Uzbekistan, free in the Downloads section of this site.

Turkey: A U.S. commission is recommending that Turkey be named a “country of particular concern.” Turkey does not have religious freedom for non-Muslims, the commission says.

Learn more about Christians in Turkey in the book Bold Believers in Turkey, free in the Downloads section of this site.

Pray for Xinjiang, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.


LaosMother and child in Laos

The Voice of the Martyrs recently learned about a Christian school teacher in a communist country who is standing for the truth in a difficult situation. The teacher, Anong, takes care of her elderly parents with the money she earns at her job. She also pays for her younger brother to attend college. At her church, she teaches children and youth.

Anong was pleased when the principal at her school told her that he wanted to give her a raise. He said that the government would also pay for her to get more education.

But then she learned that the government expected something from her in return. Officials said she must stop being a Christian! If she did, she would receive their rewards. If she did not give up her faith, she would lose her job and get nothing. “I will not deny Jesus,” said Anong. “I believe God will help me, and he prepares good things for me.”

The Voice of the Martyrs will help Anong. Thank God for Anong’s faithfulness, and pray for her and her family.

Ying’s Story

BurmaA young girl from Burma

Ying lives in Burma where most of the people are Buddhist. One day, a traveling Christian preacher came to her town and began sharing the gospel with Ying’s neighbor. Ying overheard the preacher talking. She drew closer to hear more, and she began asking him questions. Ying thought about his answers and later gave her life to Christ.

Ying lived with her Buddhist aunt because her mother died when she was very young, and her father left her. After Ying became a Christian, she began attending a Bible school to learn how to be a missionary. But one day, her aunt and cousins locked her in the house and refused to let her go to school. They told her if she does not quit being Christian, they will not feed her anymore, and they will beat her and send her to a faraway village where there are no Christians.

Ying ran away from home to follow Christ and left her relatives behind. The Voice of the Martyrs is helping her start a new life. But she needs prayer to stay strong.

Read Matthew 19:29. Why might this verse be a comfort to Ying?

Kids of Courage Remember Persecuted Christians

VBSKids of Courage VBS Curriculum

Kids of Courage remember persecuted Christians. Persecution can mean someone is teased, picked on, or made fun of. Or it can mean something more serious. Persecution can mean someone is arrested, put in jail, or attacked.

The Bible tells us to remember Christians who are suffering. Hebrews 13:3 says to remember prisoners and those who are mistreated. The verse reminds us that all Christians are part of the body of Christ. When one part of the body suffers, every other part suffers with it. (See 1 Corinthians 12:12, 26–27.)

What does it mean to remember those who are persecuted? It means, “Don’t forget!” When we remember persecuted Christians, we will want to tell others about them and ask others to pray for them.

(Source: The Kids of Courage VBS curriculum)