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Adopted Child Taken


A Christian couple in Iran waited years to be able to legally adopt a child. No doubt they were very thankful when the adoption was final.

But Iran’s government does not want Christianity to spread in their Muslim nation. They put Christians in prison for crimes the Christians did not really commit.

Officials wanted the Christian parents to file complaints against Christians who were in prison. The couple would not do what the officials wanted them to do.

So security officers took the couple’s adopted child away from them and said, “If you want your child back, you must file a complaint against your fellow Christian in prison.”

Update from Li Ying Released

Li YingLi Ying

Li Ying is a Christian woman in China. In 2002, she was sentenced to 15 years in prison for her Christian activity. She had been the editor of her church newspaper.

The Voice of the Martyrs has learned that Li Ying was recently released from prison five years early! She said that letters written on her behalf helped her receive better conditions in prison and helped lead to her release.

VOM supporters wrote more than 11,000 letters to Li Ying through the website.

Praise God for her release and ask him to continue to protect her.

VOM Flashback: Building Blocks Scene

BricksDelivering goods to Sudanese Christians

“For more than 10 years, The Voice of the Martyrs has been active in Sudan delivering medical care, Sudan Life Packs, Scriptures, and pastoral training” (

VOM supporters found a unique way to illustrate VOM’s work in Sudan in 2005. They used plastic building blocks to show VOM workers delivering goods to Sudanese Christians. (See photo.)

For more information about VOM’s current work in Sudan, go to:

Egypt Twins: Update


A 2008 story on this site told about Mario and Andrew, Christian twins in Egypt who refused to take a test at school about Muslim teachings.

The twins’ father had divorced their mother and had become a Muslim. He changed Mario and Andrew’s identity cards and had them registered as Muslims. At school, they were treated as Muslims.

Recently a court decision said that Mario and Andrew can have new ID cards that say they are Christians.

Pray that they will finish their education. Ask God to help Christians in Egypt stay strong in their faith even when they are treated unfairly.

Missions Read-a-Thon


The Missions Read-a-Thon is a fall reading program for children at Atlanta’s First Baptist Church. Kids receive a point for each book they read about missions from the church’s library. If they read at least two books, the church gives them a Kids of Courage Bold Believers activity book.

Kids receive additional points for participating in a Christian mission’s shoebox project, and for meeting missionaries who come to the church’s annual missions conference. Last year, 37 missionaries were part of the conference!

Kids were able to enter a prize drawing for each point earned. Prizes included globes and missions-related items.

“I pray that we will be able to continue to create an interest in missions throughout the coming year,” said Martha D., the church librarian.

You can download free Kids of Courage Bold Believers activity books from the Downloads section of this site.