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Following Jesus in Pakistan

PakistanAnita and her children in their shop

Sarah, Shane, and Sami live with their mother, Anita, and their grandparents in Pakistan. Their mother loves Jesus and hopes her children will follow him all their lives.

The children’s father recently left the family because Anita would not agree to become a Muslim. He used to be a Christian, but was not walking closely with Jesus and was tempted to explore Islam, the religion of most of the people in Pakistan. He wanted his wife to join him in denying Christ.

Anita knows she and her children will have difficulty meeting their daily needs without her husband’s support. VOM is helping her start a small business.

Please ask God to take care of the family, and to help them continue to follow him, even in hard times. Pray that the children’s father will have a true change of heart and will follow Jesus, too. Ask God to strengthen Christians in Muslim lands who are tempted to leave their faith.

The Jungle Bible

Camouflage BibleCamouflage Bible

Rolo is a Christian in Colombia. He used to belong to a guerrilla group that committed violent acts against the government and others. (Guerrillas are people who carry out acts of war, even though they are not part of a regular army.)

Happily, Rolo became a Christian and left the guerrillas. He wanted to share the good news of Jesus with people who were still trapped in unbiblical beliefs. So he returned many times to take Bibles to people in war zones of Colombia.

The work was dangerous, and Rolo had other problems getting Bibles up rivers to reach jungle areas. “The Bibles got wet,” he said. “They are also damaged by rough conditions and mud in the jungle.”

A Christian from Brazil showed Rolo a special Bible printed on a type of plastic that feels almost like paper. “When we put the Bible in the sink and turned the water on, Rolo’s face fell. He thought we had ruined it,” said a VOM worker. “Then we held it up dripping wet, with water beading off the plastic paper. Rolo was delighted.”

VOM plans to provide Rolo with jungle Bibles in Spanish when he needs them.

Ask a VOM Worker: What Do You Do?, Part 2


Recently a reader submitted a question for VOM workers, asking “What do you do?” The Voice of the Martyrs’ mission statement says VOM’s mission is: Serving the persecuted church through practical and spiritual assistance while leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with them.

Several VOM workers enjoyed answering the reader’s question. Read some of their responses below.

Brian: In my work with VOM, I have the privilege of spending time in fellowship with Christians in this country by phone, email, or letter correspondence. I share with them news and information concerning persecuted Christians who take a stand for Jesus in difficult circumstances. In this way, I can encourage Christians in my own country to pray and act on behalf of Christians in restricted and hostile nations.

DB: I count it a privilege to serve volunteer Area Representatives who are committed to tell the stories of our persecuted family and raise awareness. I encourage them, supply resources for their ministries and pray for them. I also assist a team of network leaders consisting of Area Coordinators and Regional Managers.

Dory: I help serve the persecuted church by telling their stories, so other people can pray for them and care for them. I also sometimes get to help encourage members of the persecuted church.

Answering Insults with Kindness

Iran BroadcastA broadcast room for Christian television

The government of Iran controls what can be broadcast on Iranian TV. But they can’t always control what is broadcast into Iran from other countries. The government passed a law that made it illegal to own a satellite dish, but many Iranians still use them to receive programs from other places.

Christian satellite programs have reached many Muslims in Iran with the truth about Jesus. But sometimes angry Muslims call the broadcasters while the programs are on the air. They insult and rebuke the hosts of the show, who answer them with kindness.

“Right after that happens, many Muslims call in and receive Christ,” said one host. “They say when they saw how we responded when we were attacked, they knew what we said [about Jesus] was the truth.”

In recent months, police in Iran have seized and destroyed thousands of satellite dishes from citizens. Please pray that all Iranians will have the opportunity to hear about God’s love.

Grace in Nigeria


Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs recently went to Nigeria where they visited with Christians who have suffered in attacks by radical Muslims. Read more about their visit in the previous post, Nigeria: Visit Cut Short.

Four-year-old Grace (see photo) was one of the people injured in an attack. Her mother carried Grace on her back as the ran away from the Muslims, but the Muslims were able to get close enough to injure Grace’s arm. As a result of the attack, Grace is missing one arm.

Grace is now 6 years old, and she started going to school, but had to quit when she needed more medical care for her arm. She will continue to receive care as she needs it.

Nigerian Christians remain strong in their faith in God, and depend on him to comfort and care for them. Thank God for their faithful example to the Muslims around them. Pray for Grace and other Christians who are recovering from injuries. Pray for Grace’s future, education, health, and for her to always have joy in the Lord.