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Happy in the Lord

Richard WurmbrandEven after years in prison, Pastor Wurmbrand had joy in Jesus.

The following is story told by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs.

In a communist country, a man named Ketchik had very little money. He decided to follow Jesus late in his life. His wife did not share his Christian faith. One day the police discovered Ketchik at a secret prayer meeting. He was ordered to pay two months’ income as a fine.He came back from the meeting happy, and he told his wife, “Now you see that I was right in telling you the great value of prayer. You did not believe me. But look at my fine! The communists know the value of prayer. Even in their eyes, a prayer has the value of two months’ income. Prayer has such a high value that from now on I will never miss a prayer meeting!”

Ketchik was fined three times during one year. He lost his income for half a year. But he remained happy in the Lord.

Kids of Courage Get Prepared


In the Bible, God says that those who follow his Son Jesus will have trouble sometimes. Kids of Courage trust God to help them in hard times. Kids of Courage get prepared so they will be ready when hard times come.

One way to get prepared is to pray every day. If you have a habit of praying about what’s going on in your life, prayer will come naturally to you in times of trouble. Another way to get prepared is to read the Bible to find out what men and women of God do when they have problems. You can also read stories about missionaries and others who follow God even when life is difficult.

Kids of Courage can get prepared by memorizing Bible verses. Many Christians are comforted by reciting verses when they are sick, lonely, can’t sleep at night, or are even when they are in prison. I Corinthians 16:13 is a verse that encourages people to stay strong in their faith.

VOM in Action: Report from Asia

Houses in Asia

Has your family ever moved to a different house? Moving is a lot of work! You have to look for another house, talk to the owner about buying or renting it, find a time to move, pack up all your stuff and find a truck to move it in, drive to the new place, and unpack everything.

A worker from The Voice of the Martyrs recently returned from a trip to Asia, and he told a story about moving. The worker and some friends from the country met with a Christian who is often persecuted for following Christ. While they visited, the Christian got a phone call. The caller threatened to harm his because of his faith.

The VOM worker and his friends helped the man move to a different house where the caller could not find him as easily. The man had already moved seven times because of threats! Possibly his eighth move will not be his last if his enemies find him again.

Corrie ten Boom

Do you ever worry about persecution coming to you or your family? A girl named Corrie ten Boom worried about that. She feared that she would never be strong enough to suffer for her faith.

Corrie’s father was a wise man. He told her to think about all the times they had taken a train trip. Then he asked Corrie, “When do I give you the ticket for the trip?” Three weeks before we go?”

“No,” answered Corrie. “You give me the ticket right before we get on the train.” Corrie’s father told her that our wise heavenly Father knows just when we are going to need things, too. “Today you don’t need the strength to suffer for your faith. But as soon as you are called upon for the honor of suffering for Jesus, he will give you the strength you need, just in time.”

Corrie’s father was right. When she grew up, she was sent to prison for following God’s call to help rescue Jews who were chased by Nazis. After she got out of prison, Corrie traveled around the world. She told people how God taught her to forgive those who treated her badly in prison. She had learned how to trust God to help her through hard times.

Learn more about Corrie ten Boom here.


News and Sports from Afghanistan


An Unusual Sport

Buzkashi is a favorite sport in Afghanistan. Some fans dream of seeing the sport played in the Olympics someday. Others say it would not be accepted in many countries.

Buzkashi teams ride on horseback. As in football, the players try to get control of an object and take it to a scoring area. But the object is not a ball; it’s a dead, headless goat or calf. Buzkashi is a difficult and dangerous sport. Players compete to win money and prizes.

Christians in Afghanistan

It is a crime in Afghanistan for a Muslim to change their faith to Christianity or any other religion. Witnessing to Muslims about Jesus is illegal. So it is not easy for Muslims to learn that Jesus can save them from sin.

But Christians are broadcasting Christian radio programs into the country from outside Afghanistan. One program tells Christians how they can grow in their faith. Another helps those who are seeking the truth to find it. A third is a radio version of the Jesus Film. Pray for those who are listening.