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Forgive Others

Kids of Courage forgive others who have caused them trouble. What does it mean to forgive someone? When you forgive someone, you pardon or excuse them for doing wrong. You don’t hold their sin against them.

In one country where the government did not like Christians, a policeman put many Christians in jail. One day, a 12-year-old boy came to the policeman’s office holding a flower. “Sir,” said the boy, “you put my mother and father in prison. Today is my mother’s birthday. I always give her a flower on her birthday. But because of you I can’t be with my mother today.

“My mother is a good Christian,” the boy continued. “She taught me to love and forgive my enemies. She taught me to repay evil with good. So I thought I would bring a flower to your wife, the mother of your children. Please take it to her. Tell her about my love and the love of Christ.”

The policeman hugged the boy. Because of the boy’s love, the policeman didn’t want to put any more Christians in jail. He quit his job. Then other policemen put him in jail. He thought it was an honor to be in jail with followers of Christ.

(From The Voice of the Martyrs’ Kids of Courage VBS curriculum.)

Bible Verse to Memorize: Matthew 5:44

Avoiding the Dentist


The following letter from a VOM supporter in Virginia came to VOM earlier this year.

“Dear VOM, My name is Sarah. I am 12 years old and homeschooled. I am happy that you are helping people who are hurting. Next time I earn money from my grandma, I will donate it to you. If I don’t, I will just spend it on candy or junk. And I can’t spend it on candy because I think I have to go to the dentist next week. Anyway, I hope you can put the money to good use. Love, Sarah.

Ask a VOM Worker: Prepare to Serve


A VOM worker who has five children ages 3 to 14 was asked the following question.

Q: How can kids prepare to serve God in the future?

A: Children should begin to pray now that God will guide them to a place where he can use them to make a lasting impact for the kingdom, wherever that is. It may be somewhere outside of the United States, or it might be in their hometown. But wherever it is, I think each one of us has a circle of influence that we can use for his glory. Praying for that is really a good place to start.

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Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, was in prison in Romania for a total of 14 years. While he was in prison, he wondered if he should pray for freedom.

“It is not necessary to be free to please God,” he thought. “Which commandment could I keep better in freedom than in a prison cell? “The apostles were afraid during a storm and wanted to be rescued (Luke 8:22–25). Jesus answered their prayer, and they escaped drowning. Later they were martyred. In this world, rescue from troubles is only temporary.

“I will not ask to be freed.”

To Think About: Do you agree with Pastor Wurmbrand’s decision to not ask to be free? What did Pastor Wurmbrand mean when he asked, “Which commandment could I keep better in freedom than in a prison cell?”

Precious Words


A young woman in China sent the following letter to thank The Voice of the Martyrs for providing her with Bibles to share with others.

“I am a student in China. I have believed in God with my mother since I was little, but I didn’t have strong faith. As a teenager, I felt far away from God. Mostly I would just pray for a few minutes before a test at school.“My mother had a good relationship with God, and she prayed for me. That’s why I am not lost.“Later I found out that God’s words in the Bible are so precious. I want to share his words with more people. His words are powerful; if you read them, you will like them. Thank you for sending the Bibles to share with others.”

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