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Too Scary for Kids?

The Voice of the Martyrs received the following letter about Kids of Courage materials.

“Dear VOM, Please do not send us your materials. We understand the need for prayer for the persecuted church. But we believe that the information is far too frightening for children.”

Do you agree?

A Baby in Jail

3rd Quarter 2011 KOC Issue

Ryan, a baby in Morocco, was not yet 1 year old when he was first taken to a police station.

Ryan was with his parents at a home Bible study when about 60 police officers and soldiers arrived in more than a dozen cars. Three girls, ages 2, 3, and 4, and another baby boy were also at the home with their parents. The children had never seen so many guns!

Ryan and the other children had to go with their parents to the police station. Police took Bibles, a laptop, a camera, and a cell phone from the house. “It was the first time in recent history that the government used such a large force to attack a small Christian meeting,” said one of the Christians.

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