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Malaysia: “All Things Work for Good”

A girl about Akma’s age
reading He Lives Among Us

Akma, a teenage girl in Malaysia, grew up in a Muslim family. It is hard for Muslims in Malaysia to learn about Jesus, because it is against the law to share the gospel with a Malay Muslim.

Chinese and Indian people in Malaysia are allowed to have churches, but they often are afraid to let Muslims visit. They know they could get in trouble.

But Akma’s mother visited a church and decided to give her life to Jesus! Akma’s father was very angry with his wife. He yelled at her and threatened to hurt her and their children if any of them ever went to church again.

Akma still wanted to know the truth about God and Jesus. She took a bus to visit a church, with her mother’s blessing. “My mother said the important thing was that her children would attend church,” Akma said.

Akma was happy to see other teens at the church, and she began attending more often. But she worried about her father. He treated his family harshly because of their new faith. Akma trusted what the Bible said in Romans 8:28: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to his purpose.”

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Family Kept Apart by Laws

Priscilla and Naomi

Priscilla and Naomi are sisters. Their parents, Felipe and Rose, love God, and they also love Priscilla and Naomi.

But the girls do not get to live with Felipe all the time. Felipe is a Malay, a member of the largest people group in Malaysia. The government says all Malays are born Muslim and cannot legally be Christians. People who are not Malays can be Christians.

Felipe became a Christian when he was a boy. Later he married Rose, who was a Christian and not a Malay. But the government in Malaysia does not allow Muslims to marry Christians, and they consider Felipe a Muslim. So in the eyes of the government, Felipe and Rose are not married. They cannot live together as a family in Malaysia, so Rose and the girls live in another country.

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