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An Outpouring of Love

One million Pakistanis fled fighting between Taliban warriors and government troops in May 2009.

VOM held a medical clinic for the refugees. The Christian doctors served all refugees, both Muslim and Christian.

Iran and the United States: Bita and Tabita


How can kids inform others about persecuted Christians? Send an e-mail, perform a skit, make a bumper sticker, start a scrapbook, design a church bulletin insert, share a Kids of Courage newsletter, pass out prayer reminders, make a poster, or write a poem!

Bita Packs Her Bags
Three-year-old Bita began packing her suitcase. “I’m going to see Daddy,” she said. Bita lives in Iran. She does not understand that her father is in prison for following Jesus and sharing his faith with Muslims. The government of Iran wants Muslims to stay Muslims.

Bita could not visit her father. “Will he come home for my birthday?” she asked her mother. But Bita’s father will probably not be coming home any time soon.

“It breaks my heart that she is missing him so much,” her mother said. “She keeps talking about him and all the stuff they used to do together, like going to the park. Pray that Bita and other Christian children whose parents are in prison will know the love and comfort of their heavenly Father.

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