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Uygur Tightrope Walking

Acrobatics is a traditional type of performance art among Uygurs. Some Uygurs have broken world records in tightrope walking. Once, a 3-year-old Uygur performer walked backwards across a tightrope that was stretched about 100 feet off the ground. And he was blindfolded!

Uygur Christians must feel like they are walking on an invisible tightrope sometimes. Below them, waiting for them to fall, are China’s communist leaders who want to control all the religions in the country. There are also Muslim neighbors and relatives who do not want them to be Christian. Just like tightrope walkers, Uygur Christians can get in trouble if they take one wrong step.

To Try: Stretch a rope or string along the ground. See if you can walk along the rope backwards. Try it blindfolded.

Uygur Maze

Click the image to open the maze PDF file.

The Uygur child in this maze needs help finding the way home from the garden. Print the maze and see if you can help.

Uygur Calligraphy

Click the image to open the calligraphy PDF file.

Calligraphy is a respected art among the Uygurs. Print these Uygur phrases in calligraphy and see if you can copy them. Uygur is written from right to left instead of left to right like English.

Differences Between Uygurs and Han Chinese People

Han Chinese
People Uygurs are a mostly-Muslim people group living mainly in northwest China in the Xinjiang region. They speak the Uygur language. They have different ancestors than Han Chinese people. The Han Chinese are the main people group in China. They speak Chinese.
Uygur Lands Some Uygurs would like Xinjiang to break away from China. China’s government has sent many Han Chinese people to live in Xinjiang. They believe the region will not break away from China if more Han Chinese people live there.
Food Uygur Muslims do not eat pork. Bread is the Uygurs’ main food. Han Chinese eat pork and have different favorite foods then Uygurs. Rice is their main food..
Predjudice Many Uygurs think of Han Chinese people as enemies. Some Han Chinese people do not like or trust Uygurs.
How Many Gods? Uygur Muslims worship Allah. Traditional Chinese religions teach about many gods. Communism, the form of government in China, teaches that belief in God is not important. More and more Han Chinese people are becoming Christians.
Eternity Muslims believe in a Judgment Day when Allah decides whether or not to let them into paradise. They believe the decision is based on Allah’s will and on how many good deeds the Muslim has done. Traditional Chinese religions do not teach about a final judgment. Communist teachings say there is not eternal life. (Read John 3:16 to see what the Bible says.)

Uygurs in China: “State Secrets”

Alimujiang Yimiti is a Christian from Xinjiang, China. Yimiti and his family are Uygurs (WEE-gurz). Uygurs are a group of people who live mainly in northwest China.

Most Uygurs are Muslims. Yimiti decided to follow Jesus several years ago. His wife is also a Christian. They teach their two sons, who are 9 and 3, all about Jesus.

Yimiti also told other Uygurs about Jesus. But government rules do not allow, “preaching Christianity among people of Uygur ethnicity.” So government officials took away Yimiti’s job.

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