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Cuba: Learn Some Spanish Phrases

Spanish is the main language of Cuba.

How to Say It
Jesus loves you. Cristo te ama. KREES-toh tay AH-mah
Jesus loves me. Cristo me ama. KREES-toh may AH-mah
God is love. Dios es amor. Dyohs ehs ah-MOHR.

Church Without Walls

Worship at the Church Without Walls in Cuba.

Comparing Christianity and Santeria

Santeria (Also called Lukumi or Regla de Ocla)
What is it? Christianity is the faith of followers of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Santeria is an African religion. Slaves brought it to Cuba long ago. They added some Catholic practices to the religion to please their masters but continued their own unbiblical practices, too.
Holy book The Bible Santeria has no formal holy book. It has been passed down by word of mouth.
God There is one God. He is a loving Father to His children. We can come to Him through faith in Jesus. (See John 14:6.) Santeria teaches that there is one main god who is not knowable. Followers worship and pray to many lesser gods.
Sacrifice Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross paid for the sins of mankind. Followers of Santeria make animal sacrifices to their gods.
Ancestor worship Christians worship God alone. They trust Him to care for them. (See Deuteronomy 6:4 and 1 Peter 5:7.) Followers of Santeria worship, talk to, and try to please the spirits of their ancestors who have died.

In Prison for Doing Good

North Korea

“The most evil feeling in the world is hate. … Christ alone can help us overcome these feelings. With his help, we are able to forgive and love.” — Mr. Choi, a Korean Christian who went to prison for helping refugees from North Korea

Mr. Choi is a Christian from South Korea. He, his wife, and his two daughters lived in China, where Mr. Choi was a missionary.

In China, he met North Koreans who had escaped from miserable conditions in their country. People in North Korea have little freedom, and many are very poor. “I wanted to minister to them,” Mr. Choi said.

Mr. Choi began talking with North Koreans as he helped them with their problems. “As we did things together, I led by Christ’s example,” he said. “I wanted to see them gain independence as Christians so they would be strong if they ever found themselves back in North Korea.”

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