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Five Ways to Help the Persecuted Church in Less Than 5 Minutes

  1. Go to Send the link to your friends, and offer to help them order and pack Action Packs to send to a country where Christians are persecuted.
  2. Pray for persecuted Christians while waiting in line or riding to school or church.
  3. Take a Kids of Courage or The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter to your next doctor or dentist visit. Ask if you can leave it in the waiting room.
  4. Let a children’s pastor or Christian school teacher know that they can visit to find a VOM conference in their area.
  5. Kristen’s family in Utah put spare coins in a jar for a year, then sent the money to VOM to help persecuted Christians. They called the jar “the jar for the unknown soldier” in honor of Christians around the world who need encouragement. Decorate a jar to set in your house or classroom. Invite your family or classmates to help you collect spare change for a project to help struggling Christians.

Readers Talk to Us

Question: Some people wonder if young children should learn about persecuted Christians. How would you answer them?

Laura S., a third-grade teacher at a Christian school in Tennessee, replies:

“Jesus was persecuted, as were the apostles. This is our heritage as believers. We cannot ignore it. It is a great calling, and each child born into the household of faith has this calling.

“Should we shield our children from that reality? No. Persecuted Christians are their brothers and sisters in the kingdom of God. I want us to train our children to pray for those in need, and to care for the widows and orphans, especially those in the household of faith.”

What Do You Think?

North Korea: Daily Rations

A book about North Korea states that the government provided food for loyal citizens. The amount of food they got depended on their job and age.

Every two weeks, soldiers got 600 grams of food and ordinary workers got 450 grams. High school students received 400 grams, children got 300 grams, and the elderly and those under age 3 got 120 grams.

People could try to get more food somewhere else. But the food they got from the government was all they could be certain of getting. Some got sick from a lack of food or from trying to eat tree bark or grass.

Look on a package of rice to see how many grams it contains. Cook an amount close to 300 grams, and eat part of it as a meal. Do you think the amount you cooked would be enough food for two weeks?

(Source: Juche: A Christian Study of North Korea’s State Religion, by Thomas J. Belke. Available from The Voice of the Martyrs at

Cuba: Learn Some Spanish Phrases

Spanish is the main language of Cuba.

How to Say It
Jesus loves you. Cristo te ama. KREES-toh tay AH-mah
Jesus loves me. Cristo me ama. KREES-toh may AH-mah
God is love. Dios es amor. Dyohs ehs ah-MOHR.

Church Without Walls

Worship at the Church Without Walls in Cuba.