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Vietnam: Numbers and Days of the Week

Look at how to say the numbers one through 10 in Vietnamese. Then notice how the days of the week are pronounced. What do you notice about many of the days of the week in relation to the numbers?

How To Say It
How To Say It
1 Mawt Sunday Coo nyaht
2 Hye Monday Too hye
3 Bah Tuesday Too bah
4 Bone Wednesday Too too
5 Nahm Thursday Too nahm
6 Sow Friday Too sow
7 BAH-lee Saturday Too BAH-lee
8 Tahm
9 Cheen
10 MOO-ee

Government Accidentally Spreads the Gospel


One day, Pastor K’Be’s children were watching TV in Vietnam where they lived. Their father’s picture appeared on the screen! They were excited!

The TV announcer said their father was a “criminal.” The report said he was guilty of “crimes” against the government of Vietnam. Their excitement disappeared.

The government wants to control Christian activity. They do not want Christians to have activities outside of churches that are registered with the government. Pastor K’Be preached at church meetings that took place in people’s homes.

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The Philippines: Young Girl Attacked by Terrorists

Mial Rose
Mial Rose

Nine-year-old Mial Rose was shot by Muslim terrorist while walking in her Christian neighborhood. Mial Rose quickened her feet. She tried really hard to keep up with her older cousin Albert. Mial Rose felt excited her cousin asked her to go with him to the plantation factory. Workers at the factory get bananas ready to be shipped all over the world. The factory is near Mial Rose’s home in the mountains.

Mial Rose lived with her parents and brothers and sisters in a small bamboo home high above a village in the Philippines. All around her home there were large banana trees. They had huge leaves, much bigger than Mial Rose. She lived in the jungle. She often had to walk around large trees on her way to church. Just like she and her cousin Albert were doing now.

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