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Nigeria: Fish Eyes and Hard Work


“Lord, give me strength,” Mary Slessor prayed silently. She smiled at the tribal hosts who had invited her to a feast in Calabar. (Calabar was a part of what is now called Nigeria.)

To please her hosts, Mary knew that she must eat whatever she was offered. She wanted to make friends with them so she could tell them about Jesus. But the soup looked like tar to her. Another dish was filled with plants and fish heads. She prayed for help.

“Excellent!” she exclaimed as she sipped the soup. “Superb!” she said as she tried the fish dish, trying not to look at the fish eyes.

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Iraq: Six-Year-Old Boy Stands Up for Jesus


Mark is 6 years old. He started school for the first time this year. He and his family are Christians. They live in Iraq. Most of their neighbors are Muslims.

In recent years, thousands of Christians have left Iraq to live in safer places. Radical Muslims in Iraq sometimes attack Christians and make it hard for followers of Jesus to stay in the country. “All the Christians want to leave. I want to leave now,” one Christian said.

But Mark and his family are staying.

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