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North Korea: Choi Finds Freedom

North Korea

Choi had a new book! A friend had given it to her as a gift. The friend was grateful because Choi’s husband helped him stay out of jail.

Choi’s husband was a government official. Sometimes he helped people stay out of trouble. Many people in North Korea need help, especially with the government. That’s because the government of North Korea has lots of strict rules that are hard to follow. Many people get arrested and punished for breaking those rules.

Choi’s husband helped her friend avoid punishment. So the friend gave Choi and her husband the book and said, “This is the story of someone from heaven who helps poor people.”

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Azerbaijan: Expelled for Jesus


The four children listened to the pastor visiting their home in Azerbaijan. The pastor explained to the children’s father how Jesus saves people from sin.

But the children were not really paying attention, except for the youngest daughter, Sara. Sara was amazed at the pastor’s story of salvation. She did not want to miss a word.

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