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Vietnam: A Buffalo, Bus Rides, and Beatings for Bibles


Minh could read and write. Few people from his village in Vietnam had gone to school. So the Christians in the village chose Minh to be the leader of their church. Minh was 16 years old.

If you were chosen to lead a new church, what is the first thing you would do?
Minh took his new responsibility seriously. “I know the importance of having the Word of God,” Minh said. “So I traveled to the city to look for Bibles. I brought back 10 New Testaments in Dao and 22 hymnbooks. (Dao is an ethnic group in Vietnam. It is also the language spoken by the group.)

Minh needed money to make the trip to the city of Hanoi. He raised the money by selling his buffalo. Buffalos are used as work animals in Vietnam. They also serve as “savings accounts.” Families can sell a buffalo to raise money for emergencies. Minh sold his buffalo so his church could have the Word of God.

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