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Mexico: Refugees for the Lord


Refugee: A person who flees, or is forced out of, a place of danger to them. The refugee settles in a safer place.

Vicente and Gerardo were in trouble. The traditionalists in their town in Chiapas, Mexico were planning another festival.

“Traditionalists” in Chiapas follow some Catholic teachings. But they mix those teachings with superstitious practices from the ancient Mayan religion. The Bible does not speak well of such practices (Isaiah 47:12–15; Daniel 1:20).

The traditionalists hold 13 festivals a year. They demand that the townspeople pay a “tax” to help them buy liquor and supplies for the festivals.

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Mexico: Children in Chiapas


Manuel Mendez was 12 years old. He was in the first grade at a school in Chiapas, Mexico.

Manuel was still in first grade because he had been expelled so many times. He struggled to stay in school.

Getting an education was important to him. “I want to be a teacher,” said Manuel, “so I can teach my mother and father how to read.” (Many adults in Chiapas never had the chance to go to school or to learn to read.)

Manuel had not been expelled for bad behavior. Instead, he was one of many children who had not been allowed to stay in school because of his parents’ faith.

Over the past few years, traditionalists have stopped evangelical children from registering for school, or have gotten them expelled. Traditionalists follow some Catholic teachings mixed with unbiblical practices of the ancient Mayan religion. Evangelicals believe in the truth of the Bible and in sharing the Good News of Jesus with others.

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