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Arabic is the official language of many Muslim countries. Muslims believe that Arabic is the language of Allah.

The majority of Muslims in the world do not speak Arabic as their first language. But it is customary for all Muslims to say their daily prayers in Arabic, even if they do not understand the language well.

Unlike English, Arabic is written from left to right. Here is how to pronounce some words and phrases in Arabic. (Pronunciations are approximate.)

Praise the Lord. [MAHG-duh lah rahp]

Jesus saves. [Yah-SOO-ah yoo-KHAH-liss]

Yes [nahm]

No [lah]

Jesus loves you. [Yah-SOO-ah yoh HEH-back]

Do you know Jesus? [Hahl-tah-reef yah-SOO-ah]

My name is ___. [IS-mih ___.]

Thank you [SHOO-krahn]

Comparing Forgiveness in the Quran and the New Testament

The Quran (the Muslim holy book)
The New Testament
When someone wrongs you Forgiving those who wrong you is a good thing. But if you take revenge instead, you will not be blamed. Repaying evil with an equal evil is allowed (Quran Sura 42:37–43; 2:194). Jesus commands His followers to forgive those who have wronged them. (See Matthew 5:44).
When you have done wrong Muslims worship Allah. The Quran says, “Allah…punishes whom he pleases and forgives whom he pleases” (Quran Sura 5:40). The New Testament says, “If we confess our sins, [God] is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).
Jesus’ forgiveness Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet and nothing more. He would not have the authority to forgive sins. (See Quran Sura 4:171.) Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. (See Luke 5:18–26.)
Salvation Muslims believe people are born sinless. They do not seek a Savior. They depend on their own good works to please Allah, and they hope Allah forgives their sins. Christians believe that sin is part of human life (Romans 5:12). “Christ died for sins… to bring you to God” (1 Peter 3:18). By the grace of God through faith in Jesus, people can be forgiven of the sins that separate them from God. (See Ephesians 2:8.)

“My Name Is” in Uzbek

How to spell it:
Mening ismim _____.

How to Say It:
meh-NING ihs-MOOM (The “oo” is pronounced as the “oo” in “good.”)

Uzbekistan Upside Down Calculator

To find the missing words in the sentences about Uzbekistan below, type the number shown on a calculator. Turn the calculator upside down to read the answer.

For example, in the sentence “Factories in Uzbekistan make 53045,” type “53045” on the calculator. Turn the calculator upside down to reveal the word “shoes.”

  1. The government seizes 537818 written in the Uzbek language.
  2. Ask God to 55378 Christians in Uzbekistan.
  3. A 4614 number of adults in Uzbekistan can read and write.
  4. The Aral Sea in Uzbekistan 53707water.
  5. Families in Uzbekistan raise chickens for their 5663.

Calculator Answers

1. Bibles; 2. Bless; 3. High; 4. Loses; 5. Eggs

Uzbek Coloring Pages

Coloring Page Coloring Page
Click each image to open a picture file.

Click the pictures to open a page you can print and color.