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Eritrea: In Trouble for Singing


One Saturday morning, police officers in Eritrea raided a children’s Bible study. The kids, ages 2 to 18, were taken to the police station with their teachers.

At the station the children began to sing a song. The song said, “I am not afraid of persecution, hardships, and even death. Nobody can separate me from the love of Jesus Christ.”

According to some reports, the police told the children to “shut up.” The youngest children were released that day, but the oldest had to stay longer.

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Indonesia: The Man in the White Hat


The feature story on this Web site for November 2005 was called, “Indonesia Christians: We Will Not Give Up.” The story told about a woman named Huta Julu and her church in Indonesia. Radical Muslims caused trouble at the church many times.

One night the Muslims nailed boards over the windows and doors so no one could get into the church. So the congregation worshiped in front of the church. Then the Muslims poured mud in front of the church and made it hard to walk there.

Huta Julu said, “We moved into the street to worship and praise God. A Muslim mob brought knives to scare us. We were singing, ‘In the name of Jesus, we have the victory.’ As we sang, many in the mob backed up and tripped, and some fell down….Nothing can separate us from the love of God.”

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Eritrea: No More Church for Joseph


“No more church,” said Joseph, an 11-year-old Christian boy in Eritrea. “Now we worship in a secret place hidden from the police.” Members of church groups that are not approved by the Eritrean government can be arrested for meeting together.

Joseph also has problems at school. “Whenever there is talk about Christians, the children insult me and try to bite me sometimes,” said Joseph. “When I pray to God, He gives me strength to handle the situation.

“I found Christ in Sunday school when I was 5,” said Joseph. “My father was always teaching me about my Lord.”

But Joseph never sees his dad anymore. His father was in danger of arrest because of his faith, so he secretly escaped from Eritrea. Joseph and his mother cannot escape. “It is a very dangerous route through the desert,” said a Christian friend of the family. “For a woman and kid, it would be impossible to try.”

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Indonesia: “My Jesus Has Been Broken”


Agus is a 12-year-old Christian boy. He lives in Indonesia.

One Sunday, Agus tried to pick up his little sister from her Sunday school teacher’s house. Radical Muslims have destroyed 900 churches in Indonesia. So, church groups and Sunday school classes often meet in the homes of pastors and teachers.

But outside the teacher’s house, a group of men began to kick Agus!

The men had a Bible. “Spit on the Bible!” they told Agus.

Agus saw that the men had a machete. (A machete is a big knife used to cut crops and bushes. Machetes are also used as weapons.) The men did not look afraid to use the machete.

But Agus said, “No.” He would not spit on the Bible. Thankfully, God protected him, and Agus got away from them.

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