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Iran: Crime Scene Investigation


Note: Some of the quotes in this story were edited and paraphrased from the original source for clarity.

Sarah is a girl from Iran. When she was 10 years old, about the age of the Iranian girl in the photo to the left, a scary thing happened to her, her older sister, and her parents.

“One Sunday around lunch time, there was a knock at our door,” said Sarah. “Some men came into our home with walkie-talkies and guns at their sides. They came with a search warrant to search our home. They put all four of us into one room while they searched the rest of the house.”

The men were police who were looking for evidence of a crime. Sarah’s father, a taxi driver, had given Christian pamphlets and New Testaments to Muslims. In Iran, that is a crime.

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Vietnam: A Policeman Finds Hope


A Vietnamese Christian told workers from The Voice of the Martyrs the following story about himself.

Chasing Christians
Before I was a Christian, I used to be a policeman. One of my jobs was to arrest Christians. I heard about big meetings they had beside rivers. [New believers were baptized at the meetings.] When I learned about a meeting, I hurried to the river on a bike or a motorbike. But every time I got to the riverbank, all the Christians had gone.

One afternoon I saw a group of ladies walking down the path to a river. One of them was holding a watermelon. I decided to follow them on my bike. Maybe I could catch a group of Christians at one of their strange river meetings.

The ladies seemed to know who I was and what I was up to. Suddenly they stopped on the path. One of them turned around to look at me. She said, “Hello. We have been praying for you very much that God will bless you.”

I was surprised! I did not know how to answer her kind words, so I turned around and rode away.

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Vietnam: Rachen Learns to Trust God


Rachen Attacks a Policeman
Rachen is the daughter of a pastor in Vietnam. Her father has lost count of the times the police have come to question him. He preaches the gospel at every opportunity. Government officials wish he would keep his faith to himself.

The police have arrested Rachen’s father and put him in several different prisons. One day when the police came, they gathered all the church’s hymn books to take away. Then they arrested Rachen’s father.

Rachen was upset. As they were taking her father away, she bit one of the policemen! “I was about 8 years old,” she said. “I bit him very hard on the back of the leg.”

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