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Pakistan: Youth Sunday School Teacher Shares With Muslims


Esther Bibi, a Pakistani Christian, told the following story to workers from The Voice of the Martyrs who visited her in Pakistan.

“My family and I work at a brick kiln making bricks. We live in a colony of brick kiln workers. All the families live in small brick huts near the kiln. We cook outside in the courtyard.

“About two-thirds of the families are Muslim and the rest are Christian. Brick kiln workers have a very hard life.

“I am the oldest of six children. My parents are very poor. For many years they worked 14 hours a day so we could go to school. When I was in the sixth grade, I was very sick. My father’s daily routine while I was sick was to pray for me the whole night. He encouraged me with his prayers. Praise the Lord, I was healed! This taught me to pray for sick people.

“After I finished 10th grade, I started a house church for 10 Christian families from the brick kiln colony. A pastor came to lead a biblical teaching, and I taught Sunday school. Muslims began to attend. They were very interested in learning about the miracles of Jesus and the stories of people from the Bible.

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Pakistan: Youth Kidnapped by His Own Family

Mohammed was sick. He went to visit a doctor in Lahore, a city near his home in Pakistan.

Mohammed’s parents had named him after the man who started Islam, the religion of Muslims. Mohammed and his family were devoted Muslims.

While Mohammed waited in the doctor’s waiting room, a kind Christian nurse began to talk with him. Mohammed asked the nurse many questions about her faith. The nurse gave him a Bible and invited him to come to church when he felt better. Mohammed was surprised that the Christians at the church welcomed him.

Sadly, some Christians in Pakistan are afraid to let Muslims come to their churches. They know that radical (extreme) Muslims persecute other Muslims who become Christians. Sometimes they persecute Christians who share the gospel with Muslims. But many churches are growing because of bold believers like the Christian nurse.

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