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Bold Chinese Sunday School Students


Secret Sunday Schools
Sometimes it takes extra courage just to go to Sunday school in China. Government officials do not approve of adults teaching children under 18 about God and Jesus. The Bible does not agree (See Deuteronomy 6:6–7.)

At times Chinese officials ignore churches that have Sunday school classes for children. But sometimes police raid the classes and then put teachers and parents of the students in jail.

In recent years The Voice of the Martyrs and other ministries reported about a number of bold young believers in secret Sunday schools.

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China: Following God First


Yabo is a 4-year-old Christian boy in China. His father, Cai, was waiting at a bus stop one day when three Chinese policemen approached him. The policemen tied Cai’s feet and pushed him into a van. A couple of weeks later, they came and took away Yabo’s mother.

Many Restrictions
Yabo’s father is a pastor. His mother, Xiao Yunfei, helps her husband in his ministry. Yabo is very special to his parents. (Yabo and Pastor Cai are shown in the photo, which was taken before Yabo’s parents went to jail.)

Yabo has no brothers or sisters. The government of China discourages most families from having more than one child because it fears the country will become overcrowded. In free countries parents are allowed to have as many children as they want or as many as God gives them.

In communist countries citizens have fewer rights and freedoms. China’s communist government tries to control public worship and restrict what pastors teach. Government officials restrict what printers can print.

Yabo’s mother and father went to jail because of these restrictions.

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