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Laos: U.S. Student Visit


In Laos, the official language is Lao, but more than 90 different languages are spoken. With all the different languages, teaching people about Jesus can be very difficult!

Two groups of people who speak different languages are the Khmu and the Hmong (pronounced “kmoo” and “mong”). We praise God that many Khmu and Hmong people are following Jesus! But others are animists. Animists believe that spirits are in everything, and they fear the spirits. They do not understand, or have not been told, that the truth of the gospel sets people free from fears. (See John 8:32 and 1 John 4:18.)

The communist government of Laos tries to control the spread of the gospel. Christians are sometimes put in prison, just for believing in Jesus.

How will those who don’t know Jesus in Laos find out about Him with so many obstacles to the spread of the gospel? God is making ways.

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