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Colombia: Trapped in Violence

Celso and his three Christian friends arrived at the camp at noon. A group of camp residents met them. Celso gave each member of the group a Bible and a radio. He had more gifts with him for others at the camp.

Not everyone at the camp was happy with the presents. They were not used to getting gifts, and unexpected visitors did not often show up in the area.

Celso and his friends had bravely dropped in on some guerrillas at their camp in the Colombian jungle. Guerrillas are people who carry out illegal acts of war and terrorism.

Many of the guerrillas in Colombia are part of a group called “FARC” (rhymes with “dark”). The letters in FARC stand for the Spanish words “las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia.” In English, that means “the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.” FARC members are not part of a regular army.

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