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Russia: Is Communism Dead?


At the end of the 1980s, communism began to collapse all over Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Before the collapse, communist governments had tried to destroy Christianity. They tore down churches, burned Bibles, made laws against teaching children about Jesus, and jailed Christians.

In communist Romania, brave Christian heroes found ways to spread the gospel to communists who did not believe in God. Some Christians threw Gospel booklets through the windows of moving trains carrying communist soldiers. Soldiers seeking the truth grabbed the Gospels and quickly hid them under their uniforms before their leaders caught them.

Many Romanian Christians were put in prison for sharing the gospel. Two of them, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, later escaped Romania and started The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM). VOM helped, and still helps, Christians in the communist countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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Peter: Standing Firm in a Cuban Classroom


Peter is a 12-year-old Christian boy in Cuba. It was not unusual for him to get in trouble at school because he believes in the truth of the Bible. Once when his teacher was discussing evolution, Peter said, “God created the world!” Communism teaches that it is unimportant, and even stupid, to believe in God.

On television in Cuba, there is a one-hour daily program about communism. Students are expected to watch the program and make a report about it. Peter does not watch the program, because he does not believe communism is the truth.

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Uzbekistan: Standing Firm in a Muslim Land


Ruth, a 10-year-old Christian, lives in a country in Central Asia. She is shown in the photo with a worker from The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM). The worker is sharing notes with Ruth from Christians who are praying for her. Ruth speaks Russian and a little bit of three other languages. Her favorite game is hopscotch, and she loves to sing and read.

Ruth’s father is the pastor of a church that meets in Ruth’s house. Most of the people in Ruth’s town are Muslims. Some of them learned the truth about Jesus from Ruth’s family. But other Muslims were angry when the church began to grow.

Very late one night, someone started a fire in Ruth’s backyard. They set the fire on purpose. Whoever started it was probably trying to stop Ruth’s father from preaching the truth.

The fire spread to the house church, and then it was put out. In the morning, church members began to rebuild the church and repair the damage.

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Ruth: A 10-Year-Old Hero


One Sunday, 12 police officers burst into a small house church in Central Asia, just before the morning worship service started. The police wanted to search the house and arrest the Christians. It is not legal in that country to hold worship services outside of a church registered by the government. The government makes it very difficult for new churches to register.

The pastor’s wife, Tamara, saw the police enter the house. Quickly she sent her 10-year-old daughter Ruth outside. (Ruth is shown in the photo looking at a Russian The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter about persecuted Christians in China.)

Ruth knew what to do when she got outside. Pretending to play, she ran to church members as they came near, and she warned them that the police were inside.

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Colombia: Louis’ Dream

Louis had a dream. He wanted to share the story of Jesus with FARC guerrillas.

The members of FARC are terrorists in Colombia who want to rule the land. They attack, threaten, and kidnap people. Few people are bold enough to share the gospel with them. But that is what Louis wanted to do.

Louis was just a boy, and he seemed to have no way to follow his dream of preaching among the guerrillas. He and his family were very poor.

Louis was able to go to school because he had a sponsor from another country. Through a Christian organization, the sponsor paid money every month to help support Louis.

Louis finished all the classes at his village school. As a reward, the Christian group gave him a beautiful ring. Other than a few pieces of clothing, the ring was all he owned.

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