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Bold Believers in Syria

Bold Believers in Syria includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where civil war has driven more than 750,000 Christians from the country. The 48-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

Central Asia: Pastor’s Son Bullied

Many people in the countries of Central Asia are Muslims. Some don’t take their faith seriously, but they still get angry when others in their country choose to follow Christ. They believe that Islam, the religion of Muslims, is part of their culture.

A VOM contact asked pastors in Central Asia about how their congregations get along with local Muslims. Some said they face serious persecution; others said they had not been persecuted — yet.

One pastor told the following story.

“Often I see that children here are left useless, unsupervised, without care and love, which makes them angry. In the beginning, when we moved to this city, my son was not well received by the local children, because they knew he was a Christian. They began to bother him, tried to hurt him in any way, threw stones, and called him names. One day the children surrounded him and tried to set him on fire, saying, ‘You are a Christian, so you will go to hell.’

“When we heard about it, we invited them to visit us. We saw that they were just abandoned and unwanted children in need of love. We just started to care for them and love them, and that changed their attitude toward our son. Now most of these children are friends of my son. Please pray for believers in Central Asia – they need wisdom from above.”

To Think About
*Why were the bullies angry?
*What do you think of the pastor’s decision to invite the bullies to his house?
*Read about Muslims’ beliefs about heaven here.  What are the differences between their beliefs and biblical Christian beliefs?

Learn more about Christians in one Central Asian country in Bold Believers in Uzbekistan, available in the free Downloads section. The photo above is from that book.

Spotlight Story

India: Christian Visitors and a Sick Terrorist

Each year The Voice of the Martyrs works through its global network of staff and partners to reach the children of persecuted Christians in restricted nations and hostile areas with a special Christmas Care Pack. The contents are tailored to the needs of children in each region. (See the photo above of a boy in India with his Christmas Care Pack.) Sometimes Christians share the packs with non-Christian neighbors.

One of the people in India whose village received clothes, candy, and other items from Christmas Care Packs sent VOM the following message.

At Christmastime, a group of Christians arrived in our village. They sang Christmas songs, distributed clothes, and passed out candy to everyone. It was strange thing for me because I was a non-Christian. “These are not our people, but they love us!” I thought. “What must be the reason?”

I went to a church and asked the pastor. He told me about Jesus and gave me a Bible to read.

Expelled and Threatened
We didn’t have peace in my family. We prayed to our gods to solve the problems, but our problems were increasing. “Why should I not pray to Jesus?” I asked myself. I started praying to Jesus about our problems. All our problems solved one by one.

My parents thought that all our problems got solved by themselves. So I had to tell them that I was praying to Jesus about our problems. In just a few days, they too accepted Jesus. Then the pastor baptized us in the church.

Our tribal leaders found out about our decision to follow Christ, and they became furious. They kicked us out of our tribe. We lost all our privileges. People stopped talking to us. Later terrorists came to our church and ordered us not to have a gospel meeting.

A week after that, one of the terrorists came to me and said, “On the same evening that we warned you not to have a gospel meeting, our leader got sick. We gave him medicine, we prayed to our gods, but he is not getting healed. We believe that this sickness has come because we threatened you to stop Jesus’ work. Please pray for our leader.”

What do you think the Christian did? Do you think he was afraid of what might happen if the terrorist leader was not healed? Read more below.

“Jesus, you are all powerful,” I said in my heart, and then I prayed for that leader. In a few hours he got healed completely. “Go ahead, conduct the meeting for Jesus,” the terrorists said.

All the believers in our church rejoiced in the Lord. There was no one to stop the gospel meeting, because the Lord had brought the terrorists to our side. By this miracle of Jesus, many came to know Him.”

(Source: VOM contacts. Edited for length and clarity.)

Check The Voice of the Martyrs magazine or visit for information about how to participate in this year’s Christmas Care project.

Spotlight Story

Indonesia: Pastor Abraham

Abraham Ben Moses was born into a large Muslim family in Indonesia. When he grew up, he began teaching at a Muslim school.

Then Abraham decided to study the Bible to find the mistakes in it. Instead he realized that God’s Word is true, and he became a Christian!

Soon, Abraham began talking about the Good News of Jesus with anyone who would listen. He posted comments about Christianity on the Internet, he had debates with Muslim, and he shared his faith with a Muslim taxi driver. A video of his conversation with the taxi driver was spread widely among many people.

As a result, Abraham was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison. During his time in prison, he led almost 80 Muslims to Christ!

Abraham’s Muslim wife left him, and Abraham married a Christian woman. Their daughter was born while Abraham was in prison. (See the photo.)

In April of this year, Pastor Abraham was released from prison early. He is back home with his family, but he has to report weekly to the police station.

Read more about Pastor Abraham and learn how to write letters of encouragement to current prisoners at

Uncategorized Story

Iran: Thieves Steal Bibles

(Source: VOM Australia)

A group of 10 thieves in Iran earned a living by taking things that didn’t belong to them. They had worked together for three years, so they were probably pretty good at their sinful activities.

One day, the thieves saw a woman carrying a big bag. Hoping the bag was full of money, they stole it and ran away.

The woman whose bag was stolen was so disappointed. Her bag had no money in it; instead, it was full of Bibles. The Muslim government of Iran makes it very difficult for people to get Bibles and other Christian books. By law, Bibles can’t be printed in the country or imported into the country. But the woman had managed to get 10 Bibles for her Bible study group. Now they were gone.

Better Than Money
Later, someone called the woman and said they had found her bag. “Come and get it,” the mystery caller said.

She really wanted the Bibles, but she was scared. “What if they turn me in to the police?” she thought. So she asked her pastor for advice. He told her he felt peace about her going to get the Bibles.

When she met the people who had her bag, they turned out to be the thieves! After they realized the bag had no money in it, they decided to read the Bibles and wanted to learn more about Jesus.

She answered their questions, and they trusted in Jesus as their Savior. Then they started their own Bible study and promised to pay back all that they had stolen from others. Praise God for our new brothers in Christ in Iran!

To Talk About
*The woman was sad that her Bibles were stolen, but happy that the thieves came to Christ. Can you think of a situation where something “bad” turned out to be good? (See Genesis 50:20.)
*If someone asked you to tell them about Jesus, would you be prepared to give an answer? (See 1 Peter 3:15.)

Spotlight Story

Iran: Faithful Witness Brings Hope

(Source: VOM Australia)

“Lord, if You are real, You need to tell me today,” said the young woman on the bus. “Otherwise I will walk in front of the bus and let it run over me.”

The woman, who lived in Iran, was going to have a baby. But she was not married and she saw no hope for her future.

New Life
A young man was on the same bus that day. He was reading a Bible, but he kept it covered so no one could see what he was reading. He feared he could be arrested for owning the Bible.

The man felt that the Lord was moving in his heart to talk to the young woman, even though he knew nothing about her. He wasn’t sure he would obey the Lord’s leading. But after a while, he took the cover off the Bible and went over to her. “The Lord loves you,” he told her. “I would like to share a Bible with you.”

The woman cried so loudly that she drew the attention of the other people on the bus. After talking to the man, she prayed with him and gave her life to the Lord, and then he gave her his Bible. Praise God for the man’s obedience to the Lord’s guidance!

[Photo: Iranian Christians at a secret worship service in a believer’s home.]