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Explaining Ramadan

Heather Mercer was a prisoner in Afghanistan because of her Christian activities. During a visit to The Voice of the Martyrs, she talked about the meaning of Ramadan to Muslims, and about how Christians can pray for the Muslim world during Ramadan. Ramadan is a month on the Muslim calendar. Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset every day during the month.

This year, Ramadan occurs from late May through late June.

To read more about Heather and her time in prison, see Bold Believers in Afghanistan in the Downloads section.

Jesus Has a Big Net


A pastor in Iraq told a worker from The Voice of the Martyrs, “Jesus Christ has a big net to catch fish, and ISIS is pushing Muslims toward this net.” (ISIS is a radical Muslim group whose members are attacking people in the Middle East.)


Read about a Muslim seeking the truth in this post.

To Talk About
•    What did the pastor mean when he said, “Jesus Christ has a big net to catch fish”? (Hint: Jesus said to Peter and Andrew, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” See Matthew 4:19.)
•    Why do you think some Muslims are drawn to Jesus?

Over the Wall

In some countries, homes are surrounded by high walls. Sometimes only one family lives inside the walls. In other places, relatives live in separate houses behind one wall. Women in strict Muslim families might not come outside the walls very often, and only if they have a male family member accompanying them.

Christians in one Muslim country wanted to share the love of God with people inside the walls. They walked around their city carrying small pamphlets that described how Jesus came to save sinners. When they came to a walled house, they threw a pamphlet over the wall! Their project was risky, and they never knew whether the people inside the wall read the pamphlet or not. But they trusted God, and they know that His Word is powerful.

Isaiah 55:10-11 (International Children’s Bible, NCV) says:
Rain and snow fall from the sky.
They don’t return without watering the ground.
They cause the plants to sprout and grow.
And the plants make seeds for the farmer.
And from these seeds people have bread to eat.
The words I say do the same thing.
They will not return to me empty.
They make things happen that I want to happen.
They succeed in doing what I send them to do.

To Think About
How can those verses encourage someone who is spreading the truth of the Bible in places where many people are not Christians?

Scary Visitor; Good Visitor

Refugee boys

Eight-year-old Yana lived in a very crowded apartment. Five adults, including Yana’s parents, and 14 other children lived in the tiny one-bedroom home in Jordan.

Yana and her family used to live in Syria, but soldiers burned down their home and forced them to flee the country. Many people, both Muslims and Christians, are homeless because of a war in Syria. Yana and her family were Muslims.

Visitors sometimes came to see Yana and the other refugees. (A refugee is someone who flees from one place to live in a safer place.) One day a strange visitor arrived. The man was a Muslim leader from Saudi Arabia. He acted like he wanted to help Yana’s family, and he gave them some dates to eat. But then he offered to buy Yana! Of course, Yana’s mom and dad refused to sell their child!

Thankfully they had another visitor. A VOM contact began to visit them regularly and to tell them about Jesus. Yana’s family had already been thinking about Islam and wondering if it was the truth. After they learned more about Jesus, they decided to trust in Him as their Savior.

“I found the way,” Yana’s mother said. “I had a big burden on me, but now I am free. When I first arrived in Jordan, I hated almost everyone, but now I am starting to love the people around me. Now I can forgive people, and I feel that my sins have been forgiven.”

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)

Martyrs’ Wall

From time to time, Christians from countries where believers are persecuted visit The Voice of the Martyrs headquarters and share their stories. A martyrs’ wall at VOM headquarters displays the names of Christians throughout the centuries who gave their lives for Christ. (See the photo.)

A visitor read the names on the wall. The visitor is from a region where Muslims often attack Christians. After he read the names, he said, “I would rather die as a martyr and have my name on the wall of a building like this and have God say, ‘Welcome, good and faithful servant,’ than to live a life of sin.”

Read Matthew 25:23.

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