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Refusing to Accuse

Stop sign

The Voice of the Martyrs received the following report about a Christian man named John who lives in a Muslim country.

One day, as John was driving down the road, two youth crashed a motorcycle into his car on purpose to make it look like John had run into them. When John got out of the car, he saw that the motorcyclist’s face was bleeding. The injured cyclist’s brother then beat John up and left him unconscious. A Christian friend of John’s drove by, saw what happened, and took John to the hospital. The police came and asked John about the “accident.” They asked John if he wanted to accuse the youth of a crime.

If John did not bring charges against the youth, they could say the accident was John’s fault, and he could go to jail. But John said he would not charge them. He said he wanted to have a forgiving attitude like Jesus. The youth and the policemen were curious about John’s behavior and began to ask him questions. Some non-Christians who heard about the incident even started going to church with John to learn more about Jesus! Praise God for their change of heart, and pray that they will decide to give their lives to Jesus.

Bold Orphans


VOM recently received a report about an orphan in Laos who became a Christian after attending a church service. The child shared the gospel with others at the orphanage, and 10 more orphans trusted in Christ and began attending church!

The director of the orphanage sternly warned the children to stop attending church. Seven of the orphans agreed to quit going to church, but did not deny Jesus. The remaining four orphans still attend church. If they continue in their boldness, they could become homeless. Please pray for all the orphans.

Ask a VOM Worker: Getting Prepared, Part 2


Q: What else can kids do to prepare?

A: I think being friends with people from other cultures is good. That’s not what comes naturally. We’re friends with the people who it’s easy to be friends with.

It’s also good to know what some people have to endure as Christians. Just because you’re a Christian, it doesn’t mean everything is going to be great, but it’s definitely worth it.

We need to be thankful, too, but not just for material things. We are very blessed in America. Because of that, we need to be on guard and keep our faith in God at the front.

Also, just keep praying. That’s the most important thing.

Ask a VOM Worker: Getting Prepared, Part 1


Q: What kinds of things did you do as a child that helped prepare you for your work now?

A: This is kind of a funny one, but I think being open to eating other kinds of food. I always wanted to try new things. Just trying is good. Now when I go to India I can eat curry, fish heads, and the food that they love.

Also, getting a heart for other nations at a young age. My fourth grade teacher had been a missionary, so I was made aware of the need for the gospel in other countries. Then when I was in middle school, we would come to VOM headquarters and volunteer at the warehouse. Even when I was in Boy Scouts, I did my community service hours at VOM. That’s how I got involved, and later God opened the door for me to come work here.

Ask a VOM Worker: Scary Driving


Question for a VOM worker who travels in Asia: What is the scariest situation you have been in while working for VOM?

Answer: I would have to say driving in Bangladesh! I know it’s not persecution-related, but it was just crazy. National Geographic says that the road between Bangladesh and India (there’s only one road) is the most dangerous in the world. It was pretty scary.