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Happy to Get a Bible

Do you remember when you first received a Bible? Did you have to wait a long time to get it?
People in some countries where VOM travels may wait years for a Bible of their own.

The Voice of the Martyrs took Bibles to western Uganda, where they were delivered by a VOM contact. Watch the video clip to see someone else who happily received one of the Bibles.

Note: English is a main language in Uganda, but many of the people speak other languages. Can you find Uganda on a map?

Laos: “I Know Exactly That God Helped Us”

Children in Laos learning Bible stories

Twelve-year-old Khamphuy was having trouble breathing. Like many other people in Laos, he and his family were spirit worshipers. They were afraid of making evil spirits angry.

So Khamphuy’s parents took their son to spirit doctors. The doctors told them that they must kill some of their farm animals to please the spirits. Then maybe Khamphuy would get well. Khamphuy’s parents paid the doctors a lot of money for their advice.

“I did many things to sacrifice to the evil spirits,” said Khamphuy’s father. “But the spirits didn’t help us. The evil spirits just destroyed us. They destroyed our pigs, our chickens, and our money.”

And Khamphuy grew sicker.

Khamphuy’s aunt, who lived in another village, was a Christian. She introduced Khamphuy’s family to a Christian leader in her village. Khamphuy’s parents did not believe in Jesus, but they were desperate to help their son. So they took him to the Christian leader.

Christian believers in the village placed their hands on Khamphuy and prayed, and he began to get better! The family stayed with the Christians for a week and learned about the God who loves and heals people. One by one, they placed their trust in Jesus.

“I know exactly that God helped us,” said Khamphuy.

The family is now persecuted for their faith. But they continue to share the gospel with others and to lead friends and neighbors to Christ. “If we believe in God, we have strong help,” said Khamphuy’s father.

To Do and Think About
Khamphuy’s father said, “Please pray for me to have strong faith and follow God and know how to lead my family to walk with God. Pray for the people around me to know God through my life.”
•    Will you pray for Khamphuy’s father and family?
•    How might the people around Khamphuy’s father know God through his life?
•    How might someone come to know God through your life?

Kicked out of Town

Recently, officials in Laos forced three Hmong families to move out of their village because the families follow Jesus. The children in the photo are part of those families. Their parents are trying to find another place for them to live. The Voice of the Martyrs will help them move.

The Hmong (pronounced “mong”) are a group of people from Southeast Asia. Large numbers of Hmong live in Laos, Vietnam, China, and Thailand, and some live in Myanmar (Burma).

Many Hmong practice animism, which is the belief that bad luck comes to those who do not honor and please spirits. But many Hmong in Asia are becoming Christians! It is believed that more than 50 percent of Hmong people in Vietnam are now Christians.

Sometimes the authorities in countries where Hmong live allow them to worship God, but sometimes they try to stamp out Christianity. Hmong Christians have been attacked, arrested, and imprisoned for their faith. Their houses have been burned down, and they have been kicked out of their villages for refusing to deny Christ. New Christians have been fired from their jobs. Non-Christian neighbors and relatives of Hmong Christians often persecute them, too.

If you want to learn more about Hmong Christians and how to pray for them, you can download Bold Believers of the Hmong People from the Downloads section this site.

Knocking on Every Door in the World

Girl in a doorway in Egypt

A worker from The Voice of the Martyrs travels to many countries where Christians are persecuted. He told the following story.

 We have someone who works with us in another country who believes that God has called his group to knock on every door in the world and hand someone a gospel tract. Can you imagine that? They are knocking on doors in really hostile places and really scary places.

I asked the man, “What about in a Muslim village? How do you do that?” It seemed to me like he had a good plan to get martyred.

He answered, “Here’s what we do. If it’s going to be a hostile area, we set aside seven days to fast and pray.”

They are committed to prayer.

I challenge YOU to become people of prayer. I have a friend who once said, “Here is the challenge. If you pray two minutes a day, what would happen if you prayed four? If you pray 10 minutes, what would happen if you prayed 20? If you pray an hour, what would happen if you prayed two hours? Do we think God would answer? Of course we do!

(Source: Edited from the original for clarity and length.)

To Try

Re-read the story above. Then, without looking at the story, tell it to someone who has not read it. Ask what they think of the story and if they think the challenge at the end might lead them to change their prayer habits.

Iraq: Inviting Muslims In

Muslim school girls in Iraq

A Story from VOM’s President, Jim Dau

In northern Iraq, I met a pastor whose church is giving aid to Muslims who have been driven out of their homes by war. One day, he invited the Muslims inside the church so they could get out of the rain. They sat down and waited to receive their aid packages. The pastor share Scriptures with them. Since then, the Muslims who come for help want the pastor to preach a sermon before they get their packages!

The seeds of the gospel are being planted.

To Talk About

  • What does it mean that “the seeds of the gospel are being planted”?
  • It’s not always safe to talk to Muslims in Iraq about Jesus. Why do you think the pastor does it anyway?
  • Do you think it’s a good idea for the church to give aid to Muslims? Why or why not?

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