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Homeschooling Forbidden

(Source: ChinaAid Association)

A court in China has forbidden a Christian mother to homeschool her children.

In China, it is illegal for parents or teachers to teach religion to children under the age of 18. Fan Ruzhen began homeschooling her children several years ago. She hoped to provide them with a Christian education. Last September, authorities sued her, saying that she must send her children to public schools for an atheistic education. (Read about atheism here.)

A district court ruled in favor of the officials and ordered Fan to send her children to public school. Fan fought the ruling, bringing it to an intermediate court. The court ruled that there is no disagreement between faith and the public education system. It also emphasized that children who follow a religion must be educated in the atheistic system.

Please pray for Fan’s family and for other Christian families in China who have to send their children to schools that teach false beliefs. Pray that the children will have God’s truth in their hearts and follow that truth.

(Photo: Chinese girl reading a Bible)

Hundreds of Crosses Disappear

One day last month, more than 100 security officials showed up at two churches in China. They brought large cranes with them, which they used to take the crosses off the tops of the churches.

The officials broke the locks on the church doors and destroyed some church property. They attacked church members who tried to stop the destruction. They even pushed a man in his 80s to the ground.

The two churches were not the only victims of the government’s crackdown. During the first four months of 2020, crosses were removed from at least 250 churches. The government of China is also making many other rules to limit Christian activities.

Below are some ways you can pray about the situation.
*Ask God to give church leaders wisdom as they try to continue serving their congregations.
*Ask God to help Chinese children and adults who want to learn more about Jesus but don’t know how to find people to help them.
*Pray that God will encourage Christians in their faith when they can’t gather with other believers.

The Qualities of Torchlighters

Torchlighters DVDs tell the stories of real-life Christian heroes from the past. You can find more about the DVDs here, or watch them online at

The current DVDs highlight the following Christians.

*Missionaries: Patrick, Jim Elliot, Samuel Morris, Robert Thomas, and Gladys Aylward.
*Athlete and missionary: Eric Liddell.
*Christians who cared for orphans: George Müller and Amy Carmichael.
*Christians who made the Bible available to more people: William Tyndale and Adoniram and Ann Judson.
*Authors and prisoners: Richard Wurmbrand and John Bunyan.
*People who stood up for the truth: Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and Perpetua.
*Christians who helped people in harsh conditions: Corrie ten Boom, Harriet Tubman, and William Booth.

Do you think you have a good idea for a new Torchlighters DVD? A blog post at lists the following qualities all Torchlighters must have. Who are some Christians that you think have those qualities?

A genuine Christian faith: They follow Jesus with their whole hearts and lives!
A lasting legacy – We choose heroes who’ve left a lasting legacy either in the church or on the mission field.
An exciting story – We look for stories that have a lot of action and excitement.
A relatable hero – Torchlighters are ordinary human beings who accomplish extraordinary things in the course of following Jesus. Just like the rest of us, they struggle sometimes.
Faith that perseveres – Torchlighter heroes face challenges with prayer and confidence in a God whose plans are always bigger than ours. They turn to Jesus in times of doubt and trouble, which is a lesson we all can hear over and over!

Read the entire blog post and learn more about Torchlighters DVDs here.

Encouragement from Torchlighters

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You’ve got this!

Boy Gives Jesus Glory for Healing

[Photo: Child in Central Asia]

The following story is from The Voice of the Martyrs’ website.

When a boy in Central Asia got extremely sick, a Christian worker in the village accompanied him and his family to a hospital. While in the waiting room, the 10-year-old began to cry at the thought that he might be permanently confined to a wheelchair. The Christian worker then prayed for his healing, and within minutes the boy was able to walk again, surprising the worker.

But when the boy told his Muslim father that Jesus had healed him, the father grew angry. “Never say that again,” his father told him. “It was Allah and his prophet, Muhammad, who healed you!” The boy’s father is afraid their relatives will shame them, but the boy is determined to tell everyone what happened to him. Pray for the boy’s wisdom, boldness, and courage.

Read more about Muslim beliefs here.