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Colombia: “The Miracle of the Hospital”

Children in Colombia

J.D. is a 10-year-old Christian boy in Colombia. He lives with his family in a small, square house made of palm branches. During the school year, J.D. attends school from 7 a.m. until noon. His favorite subject is math and he likes to play soccer.

J.D.’s parents share the gospel of Jesus with people in villages near their home. But Christians in some parts of Colombia have enemies. Violent groups try to stop Christians from bringing others to Christ. Jesus told his disciples, “A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.” Followers of Jesus are still persecuted today.

Hard Times and Blessings
But J.D.’s family trusts in God to care for them. They have already seen God bless their lives in wonderful ways. J.D.’s parents wanted a child for 10 years before J.D. was born. God blessed them with a son.

When J.D. was 6, his mother was teaching some villagers about Jesus, and J.D. was playing nearby. Suddenly a motorcycle appeared and crashed into J.D., and he was thrown 30 feet in the air. J.D. spent 18 days in the hospital with a serious head injury. And he lost his sight. The doctor said he would not ever see or walk again, and would probably be like a “vegetable” — if he survived.

Today, the left side of J.D.’s head is still soft because the bone was destroyed, his mother told VOM workers. But he did survive, and he can walk, see, play soccer, and go to school. “We have a powerful God,” said his mother. When J.D. goes to the hospital for check-ups, the nurses call him “The Miracle of the Hospital.”

“After seeing him heal, a lot of people have become Christians,” said J.D.’s mother. “He loves his life and the Lord.”

To Talk About
•    Why do you think Christians in Colombia teach people about Jesus in places where enemies try to stop them?
•    How has God blessed J.D.’s family?
•    How has God used J.D.’s life to bring others to Christ?

Learning About VOM: A Story


Gigi W., who lives in Texas, wrote the following story about The Voice of the Martyrs. Gigi is 10 years old.

VOM Story
One day, Chloe and Abagail were walking home from school.

“Hey, have you heard of VOM?” Their friend Jack passed by them on his skateboard.

“Hearda whatta?” exclaimed Abagail.

“You know,” Jack said.

“Uh, I don’t know,” Chloe replied.  She and Abagail were getting tired from running to keep up with Jack. “Does that stand for something?”

Jack stopped. “Yes, it does. VOM, The Voice of the Martyrs.”

“What does that mean?” asked Abagail.

“It’s an association that supports persecuted Christians in other countries,” Jack continued. “My family supports too. It’s crazy that all these suffering Christians ask for from VOM is to tell others to pray for them! I’m so glad I’ve learned about VOM. Now that I know about these Christians, I can pray for their health and safety.”

“That’s so cool!” Chloe and Abagail both shouted at the same time.

“I’m gonna tell my family right when I get to my house,” said Abagail.

“Me too!” Chloe said, walking on the sidewalk.

“Bye!” Jack shouted as he started skating home.

The next day, the three friends met at the playground before school.

“Guess WHAT!” Abagail yelled, coming closer to the others. “I told my family about VOM and we’re thinking about donating!”

“Cool!” Chloe replied. “I told my family too. Even though we couldn’t afford a donation, we will pray every day for them.”

“Awesome, you two!” Jack said as he hugged them and the three prayed together.
The End

For more information, visit

Can you write a skit based on the story and perform it for a group or class?

Find more skits and plays for kids in the Downloads section.

Zha: A Christian in Tibet

In Tibet, most people are Buddhists. Buddhists believe that after they die, they will come back to life in a different body.“Merit” is somewhat like points saved up toward earning spiritual rewards. Buddhists hope to have a better next life by doing things that earn merit.

Zha, a Christian in Tibet, left Buddhism and gave her life to Christ. Like other Christians, she now understands that we have one life on earth. Apart from God and Jesus, no one is righteous or deserving of rewards, no matter how many good works they do.

Read more about Tibet here.
Find out more about Buddhism here.
Read Romans 3:10 and Romans 3:23.

Watch the video above about Zha. As you watch, look for answers to the following questions.

1. Can you tell some of the things Buddhists in the video are doing to try to earn merit? Example: At one point in the video, they are spinning “prayer wheels” to earn merit.

2. Why do the Christians meet secretly?

3. Why is Zha afraid to reach out to others about her faith?

A Fighter Sees a Vision

Christians all over the world are praying for radical Muslims to learn and understand the truth about Jesus. A previous post told about an ISIS fighter who searched for a Bible after he grew tired of violence. Read about another ISIS fighter below.

Suddenly and without warning, one day an ISIS fighter in Syria had a vision of a cross. He was not pleased. Muslims believe that Jesus was just a prophet and not the Son of God. They don’t believe that Jesus died on a cross. They know that the cross is an important symbol to Christians.

“What’s wrong with me?” the ISIS fighter wondered after his vision. He began searching the Internet for a Muslim site to help him strengthen his faith in Muslim teachings.

But instead, he stumbled onto a Christian site! As he read the site, he grew more and more interested. He began to doubt his own faith.

The fighter left Syria and went to Turkey where he met a Christian who explained Christianity to him. The ISIS fighter became a Christian.

(Source: Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

To Talk About
What might have happened if the Christian in Turkey were not able to explain Christianity to the ISIS fighter? What would you say if a Muslim asked you to explain your Christian faith?

North Korea: Christian Shares Food and the Gospel

North Korean child


Stephen grew up in North Korea where many people are very poor. But their government tells them, “North Korea is the best and wealthiest country. People everywhere else are suffering a lot more.”

When Stephen was a boy, some North Koreans had to eat tree bark, flowers, and grass to stay alive. Real food was scarce.

Stephen decided to escape North Korea and go to China. He was afraid because of all the false stories he had heard about other countries. But thankfully, someone in China told him about a church where the people would help him. The Christians at the church gave him a Bible, and Stephen learned about God’s love for him.

Something Different
“I just wanted to jump in the street and tell everyone about Jesus!” said Stephen. He packed his bag with Bibles and Christian pamphlets, and headed back to North Korea to tell the people about God and Jesus. His trip was dangerous. If he shared about Jesus with someone, and they turned him into the police, he could go to prison for the rest of his life.

One day, Stephen met a 4-year-old girl and the girl’s parents and grandparents. Stephen had some food, so he began to eat. “I saw the child looking at my food, and she was very hungry,” said Stephen. “I couldn’t keep eating, knowing she was hungry, so I gave her my food.”

The grandmother said to Stephen, “I have never seen anyone give all their food to someone else.” She knew something was different about Stephen.

“There is something even better that I want to share with you,” Stephen said to the family. Then he told them about Jesus.

After a while, the authorities caught Stephen, and he was sent to prison. He escaped, and today he continues to witness to those who will listen.

(Source: VOM-Australia)

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