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Ask a VOM Worker: The Church in America

Question: What do you think about the church in America today?

VOM Worker: I’m excited about what is happening in the church in America right now.

The whole time that I have been alive, the church has been like the world in many ways. If the world has movies, we have Christian movies. If the world has rock music, we have rock music. If the world has yoga, we have Christian yoga, or whatever the latest thing is. The church is just another option, just a cleaner option of the world.

There is a big change coming to America, and Christianity is no longer just, “We are nicer than they are.” There is going to be a big difference between the church and we can proclaim it with boldness.

The church is becoming different from the world. God is spreading the Word, and the gospel is expanding through persecution. The places in the world where the church is growing fastest are the places where there is some of the worst persecution.

So if persecution comes to America, praise the King! Because that means the church is going to grow, right?

How do we get involved? We make prayer a priority. We become people of prayer. And we decide now to take our stand on the gospel, no matter what the world says to us.

(Source: Edited from the original for clarity and length.)

To Talk About
•    What are some Christian beliefs that are not accepted by non-Christians? (Find some ideas in the Beliefs section of this site.)
•    Where does the VOM worker say the church grows the fastest?
•    In what ways does he say Christians should become involved?

Ask a VOM Worker: Making Plans


VOM worker “Lena” shared the following advice for young people trying to plan their lives.

“You can’t plan what you’re going to do: A, B, C. You can’t dictate to God. Follow him, and he will provide. Shut doors can mean the timing is not right.

“Serve and love those around you. If you can’t love those who make fun of you, you won’t be able to love those who persecute you worse in the future. Serve the people the Lord puts in your life, and he’ll guide you where to go.”

To Discuss: Lena said, “Shut doors can mean the timing is not right.” What did she mean by that? Read Proverbs 3:5-7. Is Lena’s advice in agreement with these verses?

Ask a VOM Worker: Not Just Head Knowledge


A VOM worker who travels overseas recently talked about what he has learned in his travels.

Question: What would you like kids to know about the countries you visit?

Answer: I’d like them to know that the countries are not always like you see on the news. On the news, it looks like there must be fires and angry crowds everywhere.

Nothing is as simple as it seems. Even in Muslim dominated areas, Muslims who are not extremists are warm and hospitable and struggling like everyone else. They are desperately lost. I want to combat a spirit of fear in [Christian] kids. “Perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18).

Families that are lost really need Christ. God is moving powerfully. He is going to use young people in a powerful way to reach them.

Also, many parts of the world will be reached by Christians who used to be Muslims — Persian Christians and Arab Christians — perhaps reaching Westerners….In East Germany, there are many Persian believers in churches.

Question: What have you learned from persecuted Christians?

Answer: Their witness shakes me to the core. [The difference between the lives of persecuted Christians and many other Christians] is like the difference between reading a driver’s education manual and going on your first drive. They don’t just have head knowledge.

We have such a blessing — those of us who travel overseas. I hope we can convey that to our readers.

Now if something bad happened to me, it would shake me, but not as much as it used to.

To Discuss
Why is it important to reach Muslims for Christ?

Ask a VOM Worker: What Can Kids Do?


A VOM worker who has traveled to 13 countries shared the following advice for kids.

Question: What can children do now to prepare to serve the Lord as adults?
Answer: I think that learning how to wield the power of prayer is very important, even for young kids. They shouldn’t just rely on their parents to pray. Kids should be praying themselves, for their parents, friends, classmates, etc.

I believe that one’s effectiveness in serving the Lord is dependent on that person’s communication with the Lord. The more attuned one is with God, the better that person will know how to serve.

I have one son. He is 3. I want him to realize at an early age how blessed he is to live in America, which is still a relatively free country. I want him to have the burden of praying for Christians in other nations who do not have those same freedoms.

Ask a VOM Worker: Thoroughly Equipped for Every Good Work


2 Timothy 3:26–17 says, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

A VOM volunteer asked a VOM worker the following question. The worker has traveled to 27 countries in service to the Lord.

Question: Were there things that you learned as a child that helped prepare you for your work now?

Answer: No. I can’t see that there was anything that prepared me for this. I had a very humble upbringing. I wasn’t a believer as a kid. I didn’t come to Christ until I was 18.

I know people might want me to say God did this which prepared me for that. For me it’s more encouragement to see that God did nothing early on to prepare me. But when He called and I followed, He equipped me as I went. If God calls you and you act in obedience, He equips you with whatever you need to do whatever He’s called you to do.

Sometimes it’s great when you can see signposts in the past. But it’s even more encouraging for me to talk to those people who say they have no qualifications for missions work. To them I say, “Well, good. Go for it. You’re the perfect candidate for missions work.”