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Somalia: Pray for the President

“One of every six African Christians is persecuted,” a recent visitor from Africa told VOM workers. Many people believe that the most serious persecution in Africa happens in Somalia.

Facts About Somalia
*Most Somalis are Muslim.
*Bibles are illegal.
*There are no church buildings.
*After years of drought and war, more Somalis live outside Somalia than in it.

(Source: VOM’s 2020 Global Prayer Guide)

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is the current president of Somalia. He was born on March 11, 1962. He went to college in the United States.

On his birthday, will you pray for the president?
*Pray that he will rule wisely.
*Pray that he will use his power to see that Christians are treated fairly.
*Pray that he and his family will know the truth about Jesus.

(Photo: Somali Christian secretly reads a Bible. Source: VOM Canada and CBN.)

You Can Help Front-Line Workers

The following message is from Jonathan Ekman, The Voice of the Martyrs’ Vice President of International Ministries.

While traveling in northern Nigeria, I had the privilege of meeting a pastor who lives in a very hostile area where he is under constant threat from Boko Haram. He had already sent his family someplace safer, but he chose to stay and minister to the small local group of believers. Though many warned him of the danger, his burden to preach the gospel and shepherd the church encouraged him to stay.

When I asked him what VOM could do for him in this situation, his response humbled me: “Please pray for me and the church I lead,” he said. Amid this great trial, his first desire was for the prayers of God’s people.

Your family, class or group can play an important role in this work by committing to pray for front-line workers in the coming year. When you make a commitment to pray, VOM will send you a photo of a Christian worker who is boldly and faithfully serving in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting efforts in a difficult and dangerous area.

When you join in prayer with friends and family for our brothers and sisters in hostile and restricted areas, you are helping advance the kingdom of God around the world, for His glory and His alone.

For more information about making a commitment to pray, see the February 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine or visit

Eritrea: Hard Times and a Birthday

(From VOM Sources and

“Our families are in deep suffering here,” said a Christian in Eritrea. Almost 50 children of Christians in Eritrea have been left without adult caretakers because their parents have been sent to prison. Hundreds more Christians are also in prison for their faith.”

“The country is becoming worse and worse,” said another Eritrean Christian. “[There is] no electricity, little Internet connection….All phone calls are being monitored closely.”

The leader of Eritrea is President Isaias Afwerki. He has been president since 1993, and February 2nd will be his 74th birthday. Under his rule, Christians from churches not registered with the government have often been mistreated. Christians have been arrested during prayer meetings, at weddings, off the street, and even during family devotions in their homes.

Please pray for Eritrean Christians, and pray that God will change the hearts of Eritrean leaders.

[Photo: Twen, a prisoner in Eritrea. Send her a note of encouragement by following the instructions at]

Imran Ghafur: Still in Prison

Ten years ago tomorrow, on January 11, 2010, Imran Ghafur Masih was sentenced to life in prison in Pakistan.

VOM encourages you to send a letter to Imran, letting him know you are praying for him. Also pray for his persecutors. Tell your friends about Christians suffering in Pakistan, and encourage them to pray for Imran and to write to him as well. Your letters make a difference; they can result in shorter prison sentences for those accused. Please write to Imran and encourage our Pakistani brother.

To Do
Go to to read more about Imran, and follow the instructions to send him a note of encouragement.

Preparing for the New Year

One Hundred Ways Poster

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions for 2020? Have you included remembering persecuted Christians in your New Year’s plans?

Go to the Downloads section of this site and download the “One Hundred Ways Kids Can Help the Persecuted Church” poster in the “Other” category. Share ideas from the poster with others in your family, church, or class. Make plans to carry out the tasks, and ask others to help you with your plans.