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Family Med Packs

What do you do when you accidentally cut your finger? Do you put a Band-Aid on it? Do you brush and floss your teeth before you go to bed? When your face is dirty, do you wash it with soap and a washcloth? Do you brush or comb your hair?

What if you didn’t have a Band-Aid, toothbrush, dental floss, washcloth, soap, brush, or comb? Then what would you do?

Christians in some countries have been forced out of their homes by people who don’t like followers of Christ. Many times they leave home with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They move to refugee camps where they may live in tents or small shelters. Often they must depend on generous Christians to provide them with their daily needs.

The Voice of the Martyrs delivers Outreach Packs, Action Packs, Bibles, and other aid to Christians in areas where people are persecuted just for being Christians. VOM also distributes Family Med Packs in countries where Christians are in need.

Visit this site to learn how you can help by collecting Band-Aids, toothbrushes, washcloths, and other items to send to Christians who need them. The items will help Christian families stay clean and healthy, and will remind them that Christians in other lands are thinking about them and praying for them.


Writing to Prisoners

Imagine sitting in a prison cell and having no contact with Christians outside the prison. You were imprisoned for your beliefs. Now you are alone in your faith and you have no idea when you might get out of prison. Then one day, you receive a letter from a Christian who encourages you to stand strong in your faith. You are thankful that you don’t feel so alone now.

Many former prisoners have told VOM workers how letters from Christians encouraged them and served as a witness to prison guards.

The Voice of the Martyrs’ Prisoner Letter-Writing Stationery provides materials and instructions for individuals or groups to write letters to Christians in prison for their faith. You can order kits from VOM Books.

Sample stationery to send to prisoners is included in the February 2017 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter.

You can also write prisoners by using the instructions on the PrisonerAlert website.

A Great Idea from Torchlighters


Torchlighters DVDs tell the story of real Christian heroes who faced persecution. Student and teacher guides are available free at and in the Downloads section of this site.

Brandy, a teacher who uses the DVDs and guides, said, “Here’s a little something I am putting together for the children in our Wednesday night kids’ class as we wrap up our Torchlighters study.” Brandy copied pages from the guides on cardstock, four to a page. She made booklets for her students to help them remember what they had learned. (See the photo)

(Source: Torchlighters and Brandy F. of Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood. Used by permission.)

Kids of Courage VBS


The Voice of the Martyrs’ Kids of Courage VBS curriculum introduces children to joyful believers in China, Egypt, India, North Korea, and Nigeria.

The following comments are from teachers who have used the Kids of Courage curriculum in their churches.

“Our VBS was an amazing experience! Our church had never done a VBS before. We had 54 kids, we had four kids accept Christ, and so many kids who said [afterward] they want to be missionaries when they get older.” — Florida

“I absolutely loved the curriculum. I have directed VBS before, and this was by far the most meaningful.” — Georgia

“I sent home a newsletter every night with information about the countries and questions about the lesson. Parents said it was totally different than anything they’d done before, and they liked it.” — Georgia

“We all loved the program. It was easy to teach, and it was very moving and educational for the children.” — Idaho

“This [curriculum] caught my attention, but I was worried about the heavy content. It turned out to be an excellent VBS! What I loved about it was its real life applications and the fact that kids could learn, not just Bible truths, but learn about other countries and cultures.” — Pennsylvania

For more information and samples from the curriculum, visit

Christmas Care in Nigeria


Children around the world receive Bibles and gifts through The Voice of the Martyrs’ Christmas Care project. Nigeria was one of the countries where VOM distributed gifts to children in areas where Christians have been persecuted.

In many places in Nigeria, it is not always safe to be a Christian. A radical Muslim group, Boko Haram, attacks Christians and others they don’t agree with. Many children have lost parents in the attacks.

When 2,000 Nigerian Christian children gathered to get their Christmas Care gifts, some were afraid. A Christian adult said, “The recent activities of the Boko Haram created fear in the hearts of many who were in attendance.”

But God protected the children. Each of them received a children’s Bible, noodles, a notebook, pencils, a “football” (soccer ball), a pen, bottled milk, cabin biscuits (crackers), a bag of rice, and other items. The children were grateful for the gifts.

Read below one of them said.

“My name is Johnson. I live in an orphanage. I lost my mother, and I don’t know anything about my father. I was living with my grandmother before she took me to the orphanage due to her inability to take care of me.

“I will pray for [VOM] so that God will continue to grant them the heart and strength to do what they are doing. I am very happy seeing you among us. Your gifts tell us that we are not alone. To other children who have lost their parents, I want to tell them that they should not lose courage because we have a great Parent who can do more than what our earthly parents can do for us.”

For information about this year’s Christmas Care project to help children in countries where VOM works around the world, see the November 2015 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter or visit

(Source: VOM-Nigeria. Edited and paraphrased for clarity and length.)

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