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Help Christians Driven from Their Homes

The July 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine encourages us to remember that we are in the same “family” as persecuted Christians around the world. (See Hebrews 13:3.)

“Our Christian brothers and sisters are a treasure,” said VOM president Cole Richards. “In Christ, we are meant to enjoy a richness of joy in relationship with other members of God’s family.”

The magazine also describes ways we can help provide for our Christian family members when they are driven from their homes because of their faith in Christ.

You can read about some of the ways below. To find out more, visit

Family Med Packs
Family Med Packs provide health and hygiene items for families on the run from attackers. If you order a Med Pack Kit, you will also receive a list of items to put in the pack before returning it to The Voice of the Martyrs. Items may include bandages, toothbrush, gauze, lip balm, and additional items.

Action Packs
Action Packs include items like sheets, a tarp, a blanket, zip ties, soap, a toy, and other items. You can order an Action Pack Kit from VOM and fill it yourself before returning it to VOM, or you can make a donation to VOM to cover the cost of filling and distributing a pack.

Find more details and ways to help at

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Iranian Prisoners: What You Can Do

[Photo: Iranian prisoner Hossein Kadivar]

The Voice of the Martyrs has recently added several Iranian prisoners to the website. Officials arrested nine of the prisoners last year. They were accused of “acting against national security.”


In fact, the men were helping lead their church after their pastor was put in prison. The government of Iran does not want Christianity to spread in their country.

What You Can Do
Read the suggestions below. Ask God to help you choose which ones to follow.

*Go to and click on “prisoners,” then on “Iran.” Choose one of the prisoners to pray for and to be a voice for.

*Click on the name of the prisoner, then click on “Write a Letter.” Follow the instructions to send a letter of encouragement to the prisoner. Find more instructions here.

*Click on “Petition Official” on the prisoner’s Prisoner Profile page. Send a letter to an official listed. Find more instructions here.

*Go back to the prisoner’s Prisoner Profile page and click on “Print Fact Sheet.” Print one or more copies to share with your family or class, or other Christian friends.

*Learn more about Christian in Iran here and here. Share what you learned with someone.

*Watch a short video about a Christian boy in Iran here.

*Many readers have been blessed when the prisoners they prayed for were released. Pray daily for the prisoner you chose, but be prepared to continue praying for an extended time. You may not find out how your prayers were answered for a long time. Be assured that God does hear and answer prayers. Check VOM publications and websites for updates on the prisoners.

Eritrea: Write to Pastor Meron

Meron Gebreselasie was a pastor in the port city of Massawa, Eritrea. He also worked as an anesthetist at a hospital. (If you don’t know, find out what an anesthetist does.)

After he visited in his home with another pastor, the police arrested both men. The government of Eritrea had started a crackdown on evangelical churches a few years earlier.

Pastor Meron has been in prison for a long time. When he was first arrested in June 2004, George W. Bush was president of the United States, and Facebook was new. He is not married, his parents have died, and his sister lives in Canada.

You can write an encouraging letter to Pastor Meron by following the instructions on Click here to find a fact sheet about a Pastor Meron to share.

How to Start
*Go to
*Click on “prisoners.”
*Click on “Eritrea.”
*Select Meron Gebreselasie.
*Click on “Write a Letter,” and follow the instructions.

Sixteen Years in Prison

Sixteen years ago, at 5:00 in the morning on May 23, 2004, police in Eritrea arrested Dr. Kiflu Gebremeskel and Mr. Haile Nayzgi. The men, who were leaders in their Christian churches, did not belong to any of the Eritrean government’s approved religion groups. Eritrea imprisons hundreds of people because of their religious beliefs.

Dr. Gebremeskel and Mr. Nayzgi have been in prison for more than 5,000 days. In the past, Dr. Gebremeskel earned a degree in mathematics from the University of Chicago. He has a wife and four children.

Dr. Gebremeskel

Mr. Nayzgi used to be an accountant. After his wife was warned that she might also be arrested, she and their four children escaped to a safer country. In a message smuggled out of Eritrea, Mr. Nayzgi thanked The Voice of the Martyrs for helping his family. He is happy that they are safe.

Mr. Nayzgi

Visit to learn more about these courageous Christians and to find out how to send messages of encouragement to Dr. Gebremeskel and Mr. Nayzgi.

To learn more about Christians in Eritrea, download Bold Believers in Eritrea from the Downloads section.

Pakistan: Prisoner Mourning

A previous post told about Imran Ghafur, a Christian in prison in Pakistan. You can read the post here, and you can learn more about his case here.

Sadly, Imran recently learned that his elderly mother had died on February 1. “My mother was my strength because she always prayed for me,” said Imran. “She had a wish to see me free from jail.”

What You Can Do
Pray for Imran and his family as they grieve. Go to to find out how to send him an encouraging note.

Find more instructions about writing letters to prisoners here.