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Laos: A Birthday Prayer

The Voice of the Martyrs’ Global Prayer Guide guides Christians in praying for their Christian family around the world. Click here to find more about the guide and an interactive prayer map.

Read below what the guide says about Christians in Laos.

*The Communist government and Buddhist monks persecute Christians. But the church continues to grow.

*Most Laotians practice a version of Buddhism mixed with spirit worship. Many Laotians believe that Christians make the spirits angry.

*House churches and church buildings exist, but most do not have a trained pastor. In most villages, no church buildings are allowed.

*Christians often are unable to get jobs, medical treatment, and education. Lao believers are often arrested and held for up to a week.

[The president of Laos, Bounnhang Vorachith, was born on August 15, 1937. On his birthday, pray that President Vorachith will rule wisely and fairly.]

[Photo: A girl doing chores in Laos]

The Global Prayer Guide also suggests the following prayer needs for President Vorachith’s country.

*Pray that believers will grow in faith by hearing God’s Word on electronic devices where Bibles are not available.

*Pray that evangelists will avoid arrest.

*Pray that young believers will gain the knowledge and maturity to serve God.

*Pray that new believers kicked out of their villages will not waver in faith.

*Pray that shortwave radio broadcasts will reach new hearts and encourage believers.

*Pray that leaders will understand that Christianity is not an American religion, but is for everyone who trusts in Jesus.

Five Ways to Pray During the Virus Pandemic

1. Pray for the protection of those not infected and for the healing of those who have become infected. Pray that they will trust in God and feel His presence and care each day.

2. Pray that Christians around the world and in the U.S. will seek opportunities to advance God’s kingdom amid the confusion and fear caused by the pandemic.

3. Pray for eternal fruit as Christians in China and other nations reach out to those affected by or fearful of the coronavirus.

4. Pray that followers of Christ will see God’s goodness amid hardship, sickness and loss caused by the coronavirus and that they will convey His goodness and hope to those around them.

5. Pray that this crisis will lead government officials in hostile areas and restricted nations to the truth of the gospel and the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

What Can You Do?

Wat moet je doen als iemand gevangen zit?
[What should you do if someone is imprisoned?]

In 2015, Petr Jasek was arrested in Sudan because of his work for The Voice of the Martyrs with persecuted Christians. You can read stories about Petr here and here.

Stef, the children’s publication of SDOK, interviewed Petr. (SDOK, located in the Netherlands, is part of The Voice of the Martyrs family of missions.) You can find the interview here.

The interviewer is speaking in Dutch, the language of the Netherlands. Petr tells his story in English. The story reminds us to pray for Christians who are in prison for their faith. You can find prisoners to pray for at

Letter from a Teacher


I am a high school teacher and I have kept a recent copy of the VOM magazine on my desk. Usually the talk about these Christians has led to talk about Christ and salvation. Never has anyone in the public school complained or told me to stop.

I have seen the realization that people are suffering and dying for the sake of Christ take hold of many so-so Christian teens and turn them into fireballs for the Lord. The boldness of the believers in the persecuted church lights a fire under them. I have seen many Bibles brought to school and read between classes and at lunch. Some students have started Bible classes in the library before and after school.

I wish these precious believers in the persecuted church could know the far-reaching effect of their testimonies. I am always amazed at the surprise people have when learning about our brothers and sisters in other countries. I am also amazed at how God can use that knowledge to turn the focus around to what is really important. Thank you, VOM. — Marsha C.

(From the Kids of Courage archives)

What can YOU do to start a conversation about Jesus?

Help Christians Driven from Their Homes

The July 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine encourages us to remember that we are in the same “family” as persecuted Christians around the world. (See Hebrews 13:3.)

“Our Christian brothers and sisters are a treasure,” said VOM president Cole Richards. “In Christ, we are meant to enjoy a richness of joy in relationship with other members of God’s family.”

The magazine also describes ways we can help provide for our Christian family members when they are driven from their homes because of their faith in Christ.

You can read about some of the ways below. To find out more, visit

Family Med Packs
Family Med Packs provide health and hygiene items for families on the run from attackers. If you order a Med Pack Kit, you will also receive a list of items to put in the pack before returning it to The Voice of the Martyrs. Items may include bandages, toothbrush, gauze, lip balm, and additional items.

Action Packs
Action Packs include items like sheets, a tarp, a blanket, zip ties, soap, a toy, and other items. You can order an Action Pack Kit from VOM and fill it yourself before returning it to VOM, or you can make a donation to VOM to cover the cost of filling and distributing a pack.

Find more details and ways to help at

To subscribe to the free monthly The Voice of the Martyrs magazine, visit the subscription signup page.