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Kids of Courage Survey Question #1: What is a Christian?


Kids of Courage asked American children and youth, “What is a Christian? What must someone do to become a Christian? Read the answers below and think about what your answer would be if someone who was not a Christian asked you the same questions. Share your answer with a mature Christian to see if he or she has any suggestions to improve your answer.

What is a Christian? What must someone do to become a Christian?

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Poem for the Persecuted

Alyse L. of Ohio, age 14, wrote the following poem of encouragement.

When I keep my eyes on Jesus
All else just seems to disappear:
All my worries, all my fears,
All my sorrow, shame, and tears.

When I keep my eyes on Jesus,
It’s then I see what really matters.
And everything else is taken away,
All that I’ve put in my own way.

When I keep my eyes on Jesus,
And on Him alone,
I stop focusing on things of this world
And start seeing things that are out of this world.

When I keep my eyes on Jesus,
His tender arms o’er me enfold,
And He whispers my name
With a gentle assurance
And lovingly places me in His mold.

If you keep your eyes on Jesus,
He’s sure to do the same.
And everything will become as new,
When His will you do.

Keep your eyes on Jesus!

Reader Letter: What Would Life Be Like?


The Voice of the Martyrs recently received the following letter from a girl in Ohio. The letter said:

Hello, my name is Lianna. I was adopted from China. I know if you are a Christian there, you will get persecuted. I believe it was God’s plan for me to get adopted. I am a Christian.

I want people to think at least once about what [life would be like] if they lived in a different country. Would they be persecuted? I believe in some countries, yes!

Christians know that Jesus died on the cross and that he rose again on the third day. Other people think they can take that away from them, but they cannot. Thank you for doing this for the world.

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Letter from a Tennessee VBS Director

VBSKids of Courage VBS Curriculum

“Dear VOM, About this time last year I was looking for a children’s program to offer at our church and happened upon your VBS curriculum. I purchased the workbooks [Kids of Courage Bold Believers activity books] that coincided with each of the countries to help me flesh it out as I (incorrectly) assumed that I would need them. And while they helped, I soon realized I had not only enough information to get the kids through the spring semester but also through the fall semester as well…. We divided the year up into 5 units with a different country to focus on for each unit…. We love how your VBS program was adaptable to our needs and how wonderfully it is opening up the worldview of our kids so much that we are planning on doing a year two…. Thank you for making KOC affordable and full of depth.”

— Hillcrest Baptist Church

Bible Smuggler Game

The leader of a group of U.S. kids in grades 3 through 6 emailed VOM about a game they played to help them understand Bible smuggling. Read the description below.

We played “Bible Smuggler” in the dark. We brought in several friends to be “guerrillas,” and the kids were “smugglers.” A boys’ team competed against a girls’ team to successfully take the most “Bibles” one at a time from one end of our camp to the other.

Each team started with the same number of “Bibles” (plastic disks, one color for each team) to take to a bucket at the finishing line. They had to avoid being caught by the guerrillas’ “ray guns” (flashlights). If the flashlight shone on them, they had to give up their “Bible.” Both teams managed to get five Bibles to the finishing line.

Note: Thank you, readers, who share your ideas!