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Anna’s Testimony

Mother and child in China

This story comes from a testimony sent to The Voice of the Martyrs by a student in China.

Anna’s family had serious problems. Her mother was sick, and her father was disabled after an accident at work. The family was very poor.

Anna’s grandmother fell and broke both legs. The family had to sell many of their possessions to pay for operations. Then Grandmother died in an earthquake. Anna was sad and miserable.

Anna did not like to study for school, and because of her family’s problems, she had few friends. Her classmates began to bully her and even to hit her.

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Beorn’s Bible Project

Happy Indonesian children with new Bibles

Beorn lives in Indiana where he attends the New Castle First Baptist Church. Beorn loves Jesus! Last December, at the age of 7, he was baptized. At his baptism, he said, “I want to give myself as a gift to Jesus for Christmas.”

Beorn volunteers at Special Olympics and enjoys helping special needs children. He is active in gymnastics, and he especially likes to play with Legos. He saved money for a long time to buy a Star Wars Lego toy.

Every night before bed, Beorn and his family have a worship time. They read from the Bible and pray, and Beorn works on Bible memory verses for his church’s AWANA program. Beorn understands the importance of studying and learning God’s Word.

April 2014
Christians in some places around the world also understand the importance of learning God’s Word, but they don’t have Bibles to study. Beorn and his family learned about these Christians from the April 2014 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter Special Bible Issue. VOM offered the opportunity for readers to purchase Bibles for persecuted Christians who had requested Bibles.

Beorn’s parents asked if he wanted to help VOM provide Bibles for Christians who don’t have them. They told him they would double the amount he gave. After thinking and praying, Beorn offered enough money from his Lego fund to pay for five Bibles. His parents doubled his offering and sent money for 15 Bibles to VOM.
Total: 15 Bibles

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Son Injured While Protecting Mother in Chiapas

Chipas, Mexico
Eugenia’s son

Parents and Teachers: The August 2014 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter features stories of Christians in Chiapas, Mexico. To subscribe to the free monthly newsletter, visit our subscription signup page. As you read the newsletters, you may want to share stories from this site about the featured Christians with your children. Then pray together for the people in the stories.

Eugenia is a pastor’s wife in Chiapas, a state in Mexico. The people in her village are very poor. Eugenia distributes Bibles and care packages, provided by The Voice of the Martyrs, to people who need them. The care packages contain things like soap, beans, and rice. Eugenia also visits Christians in the area to encourage them.

Eugenia’s husband often travels to other nearby villages to minister at small churches. So their 12-year-old son goes with his mother to protect her when she visits people in the community.

Eugenia welcomes the protection. Last year someone burned down the family’s house. She understands that they have enemies.

Many villagers are thankful for Eugenia’s help and encouragement. But others do not like her.

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Remembering Samuel Lamb

Samuel Lamb

Pastor Samuel Lamb died on August 3, 2013 at the age of 88. He is remembered as a hero of the faith.

Samuel’s Skills
Samuel grew up in a family of Chinese Christians. He was often sick, but he had many talents. For example, Samuel was an excellent piano player.

One day at school Samuel decided he would like to try to cut his friends’ hair. His friends weren’t sure about his plan. Samuel had not been trained how to cut hair. But they bravely let him try.

Little by little, Samuel’s barber skills improved while he practiced on his friends. Later when he attended Bible college, many of the students asked him for haircuts. Samuel did not know that God was preparing him for the future.

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Joy on Their Faces

Rolo travels on difficult roads

Parents and Teachers: The July 2014 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter features information about bold Christians who serve God on the “front lines.” To subscribe to the free monthly newsletter, visit our subscription signup page. As you read the newsletters, you may want to share stories from this site about the featured Christians with your children. Then pray together for the people in the stories.

The following editorial by Jim, the president of VOM, is adapted for children from the July VOM newsletter.

When I travel to meet our brave brothers and sisters who work in countries where Christians are persecuted, I am amazed. These workers are humble and willing to serve, and their joy shows on their faces.

I am thinking of one of our co-workers in Colombia, Rolo. He and another worker were thrown into a septic tank for three days. (A septic tank is a large container that holds waste water from toilets.) They had just crossed the border into Venezuela with Bibles and Christian literature. Venezuela is one of the least church-going countries in the region.

Pastors helped the workers out of the tank. Rolo wants to return to the area with more Bibles.

I am also reminded of a VOM worker in Nigeria who used his car to take Christians injured in Muslim attacks to the hospital. One day as he was delivering VOM newsletters, radical Muslims shot him. The attackers stole 500 newsletters. Pastors in the area are praying that the newsletters will help the Muslims find the truth.

In Iran, our workers know that the average Bible smuggler is caught within two years and sent to prison. The workers realize that the more people they lead to Christ, the more persecution they will witness. They may also bring persecution upon themselves.

Every time I meet with persecuted workers, I ask how we can help them. They always say, “Pray for us.” I tell them that I pray for them and so do many others around the world.

To Discuss

  • What is courage? How did the workers described in the editorial show courage?
  • Why do you think the workers in risky circumstances have joy on their faces?
  • If someone hurt a friend of yours, would you pray for them to find the truth?