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Two Puzzles

Print the puzzle boxes below, or draw a 4 by 4 block of squares like the ones below on a piece of paper. Solve the puzzles so that each word square reveals the same words vertically (up and down) and horizontally (across). Use the sets of clues, your knowledge, and a Bible to solve the two puzzles.
Across and Down

  1. Country that became an Islamic republic in 1979.
  2. Hebrews 12:1 tells us to run the ____ before us with endurance.
  3. The Book of ____ tells about Paul’s conversion and persecution.
  4. Where does a bird live? (Luke 9:58)
Across and Down

  1. Ali, Mohammed, and Hamid are popular ____ baby names in Iran; opposite of “female.”
  2. Cain persecuted his brother ____. (Genesis 4:8)
  3. The number of Christians in Iran is ___ than the number of Muslims.
  4. Jesus did works that no one ____ did. (John 15:24)

Word Square Answers

  1. Iran, race, Acts, nest
  2. male, Abel, less, else

Scripture Smuggler Game


A Christian who was in prison for spreading the gospel in a Christian-unfriendly country wanted to share Bible verses with other prisoners. So he wrote verses on small pieces of paper. Then he cut a bar of soap in half and hollowed out part of one of the halves. After putting the Bible verses in the hole, he put the soap back together and used some water to seal it.

When the guards weren’t looking, the prisoner slid the soap under the cell bars, past a guard’s office, and under more bars into a wing of the prison where other prisoners were located.

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India Lesson Plan


Use the following suggestions to teach a Sunday school class or other group a lesson about the persecution and India.

Students will learn that God sometimes takes care of those who are having problems by sending people to encourage them. We can be helpers if we ask God to guide us to people he wants us to help and to pray for.

Explain: Today we are going to learn about India. Many languages are spoken in India, but the main one is Hindi. “Hindi” is a language. “Hindu” is a religion.

Teach the children to say “yes” (“hah”) and “no” (“nuh-HEE”) in Hindi. Ask a student, “Is your name [say a correct or incorrect name]?” Have them answer “hah” or nuh-HEE.” Let the children take turns asking each other their names in the same way.

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Make a Nepali Topi

Schoolboys in Topis

A topi is a hat worn by men and boys in Nepal. Follow the instructions below to make your own topi. Find these instructions and more in the activity book Bold Believers in Nepal, available for free in the Downloads section of this site.

Supplies needed: Two 8½- by 11-inch pieces of construction paper, scissors, stapler, pencil, markers, crayons.

Topi 1 Fold an 8½- by 11-inch piece of construction paper in half lengthwise. Cut the paper in two along the fold line.
Topi 2 Staple the halves together, overlapping the ends about 1 inch to make one long strip. Join the ends of the strip together and staple them, forming a circle.
Topi 3 Flatten the circle and crease it shut near both stapled ends, being careful not to hurt your fingers on the staples. To decorate your topi, use crayons or markers to draw designs or pictures on the flattened circle.
Topi 4 Open the flattened circle into the shape of an ellipse. It will be the bottom part of your topi. Stand the ellipse upright on an 8½- by 11-inch piece of construction paper.
Topi 5 Draw around the ellipse with a pencil, making a new ellipse that extends about 1 inch beyond the sides (but not the ends) of the old ellipse.
Topi 6 Cut out the ellipse you have drawn. It will be the top of the topi.
Topi 7 Using two staples on each side, attach the top to the bottom of the topi about ½ inch below the top edge.

Skits and Plays

In the following skit, a Christian prisoner recognizes that he is a link in the chain of faithful Christians from the past who have sacrificed for Christ. Find additional Kids of Courage skits and plays in the Skits and Plays booklet in the Downloads section of this site.

Links in the Chain

Prison Official
Several Links in the Chain

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