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China Youth Day

On May 4th, China celebrates Youth Day. Events on Youth Day honor the patriotism of youth in China’s history.

Praise God, Christianity is spreading in China. But still, it is estimated that more than 1 billion people in China are not followers of Jesus. (Source: Operation World)

How many is one billion? Draw and cut out a 1-inch by 1-inch square. If possible, set it on a football field. (Or imagine it on a football field) About 7 million 1-inch squares would fit from end zone to end zone on a football field. You would have to fill 142 football fields with the squares to equal almost 1 billion squares.

On China’s Youth Day, pray that all China’s youth will hear about Jesus and his love for them.

Try the photo puzzle below and find two more China photo puzzles here.

Eritrea Lesson Plan for a Group or Class


Find photos, and additional information, crafts, and activities in Bold Believers in Eritrea available in the Download section of this site. Search the site’s “Eritrea” tag for posts related to the country.

The students will learn the meaning of witness and testimony. They will learn that Christians often witness boldly.


Sing in Tigrinya
Explain: Today we will learn about a woman named Helen who went to prison for singing praises to God in the country of Eritrea. We are free to sing songs that might be against the law in Eritrea. The main language in Eritrea is Tigrinya.
Instructions: Teach the children to sing the song, “God is So Good (He’s So Good to Me)” in Tigrinya.

First sing the following three times: “ahm-lahk sehn-nai.” Then sing: “sehn-nai yoo nah-ai.” (The “ai” sound in both lines is like the English word “eye.”)

The words literally mean “God, good. Good is he to me.”

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Matthew License Plate Puzzles

Some license plates have messages on them. For example, a dentist might have a license plate that says, “2TH DR” (tooth doctor).

Use the clues below and a Bible to help you figure out what the following license plate messages say.

4GIV What Matthew 6:14 says we should do to people who sin against us.
70X7 How many times Jesus says we should be willing to forgive. (Matthew 18:22)
B4MN Where does Matthew 5:15 tell us to let our light shine?
NARO G8 Matthew 17:13 tells us to enter by the ____  _____.
1DRFL The chief priests and scribes were angry after Jesus did ____ things. (Matthew 21:15)
MT2M What the women found when they went to the place where Jesus was buried. (Matthew 28:17)
2DU2YU “Whatever you want men ___  ___  ___  ___, do also to them.” (Matthew 7:12)

VOM Volunteer Shares Craft

Maribeth and her bird feeder

Matthew 10:29 tells us that not even sparrows fall to the ground without God’s notice. God’s Word encourages us not to be afraid, because we are worth much more than sparrows.

The Voice of the Martyrs’ volunteer Maribeth R. recently shared a bird feeder craft idea at the VOM Operations Center. Maribeth’s bird feeder can be used as a reminder to pray for the persecuted, who like the sparrows, are never hidden from God’s view.

Needed: Plastic juice or milk container with a handle, colorful tape, or other materials to decorate the feeder, photos or headlines from VOM or Kids of Courage publications or websites, glue, additional water-resistant decorations, paint or markers if desired


  • Cut an opening in the side of the jug opposite the handle and two inches from the bottom of the container. The opening should be about 6 inches high and 4 inches wide.
  • Punch small holes in the bottom of the jug. The holes will allow rainwater to drain out.
  • Use waterproof glue to attach pictures, Bible verses, or other decorations. Or tape them on with water resistant tape. Add other decorations. Finish with Mod Podge if desired.
  • Attach string, pipe cleaners, or wire from tree branch or other high place. If the location gets a lot of rain, put it in a more sheltered spot when it rains.

Coloring Pages

Carpet making is a traditional art in Iran. Carpet makers in different areas of Iran produce carpets with different designs. Print out and color these two designs below to make your own Iranian carpets. Hang up the carpets to remind you to pray for the people of Iran.

Also available in PDF.

Also available in PDF.

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