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John Bunyan Puzzle

Print or draw the puzzle grid below, and solve the puzzle, using the clues and the story in the previous post. The puzzle forms a word square; the answers reveal the same words vertically (up and down) and horizontally (across).


Across and Down Clues

  1. A pastor told John Bunyan that salvation is a ____ from God.
  2. John got the ____ to write The Pilgrim’s Progress while he was in jail.
  3. John began to ____ that God wanted him alive.
  4. After he gave his life to Jesus, John began to ____ about Jesus with others.

Word Square Answers

  1. gift, idea, feel, talk

Turkey Lesson Plan: Obeying God

Turkey Flag and Map

Students will learn that there are Christians who continue to obey God even though they may be punished for doing so. Not only do they obey, but they also remain happy in Jesus when they are punished.

Explain: Today we are going to learn about the country of Turkey and some Christians who live there. Turkey honors children during a special Children’s Day in April. On Children’s Day, the president and other government officials turn their jobs over to children for the day!

So today, you are going to be teachers for a while.
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Flags of Turkey and Similar Flags


The flags of many Muslim countries display the crescent moon and a star. Before Islam began, pagans who worshipped many gods used the crescent moon as a symbol. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) Muslim Turks who conquered Constantinople also used the moon as their symbol. (Constantinople in now called Istanbul. Istanbul is the capital of Turkey.)

People began to associate the crescent moon with the religion of Islam. Some Muslims today say the moon is not a symbol of Islam. However, the moon and star appear on the flags of many Muslim countries.

Print and color the page of flags here. The background of the flag of Turkey is red and the moon and stars are white. Find the colors of the other flags in the Countries section of this website, in the online CIA Factbook, or in other sources.

Enter the names of the countries in the search box of this site or the tags for this post to find stories that can guide you about how to pray for the country.

Bible Verse Graph Code

Bible Verse Graph Code

Graph Code Answer

We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.

Easy Clues Sudan and South Sudan Facts Crossword Puzzle

Download the puzzle grid

Print the puzzle grid and clues to solve the puzzle. If a clue has an underlined word in it, write that word in the correct place on the puzzle grid. If the clue asks a question, write the answer to the question in the puzzle.

1. Cotton is an important crop in Sudan.
5. The government tries to rule Sudan with Muslim law called Shariah law.
8. The Nile runs through Sudan. Is the Nile a river or an ocean?
9. The continent west of Africa is South America. Is the abbreviation for South America “S.A,” or “N.A.”?
10. Some people in South Sudan are animists. Animists believe there are spirits in everything, and they may place their faith in a superstition or omen.
11. Many Christians in South Sudan have lost everything they own in attacks by Muslim radicals.
12. What is “tap” spelled backwards?
13. Millions of men, women, and children in South Sudan have lost their homes.
14. What country is the subject of this puzzle?
18. Food is scarce in camps for the homeless in South Sudan. Is it not “easy,” or not “hard” to get enough to eat.
19. A visitor to South Sudan saw a boy crying from hunger. What is another word for “crying:” “weeping” or “hurting”?

1. A Christian in South Sudan will sometimes decorate his hut with a cross.
2. Sudan is sometimes said to be in the Indian Ocean Rim region. Find the Indian Ocean on a map.
3. Is Egypt “over” or “under” Sudan on a map?
4. Homeless children in South Sudan sometimes ask for paper and a pen instead of candy or toys. They love to learn.
6. The Aswan Dam is north of Sudan.
7. Psalm 23:1 says, “I shall not _____.”
11. Some school classes in South Sudan meet out in the open instead of in a building.
13.Ma” is short for “mother” in some places.
14. What is “was” backwards?
15. Some children in South Sudan use oilcans to make musical instruments.
16. Some Sudanese brides decorate their hands with a dye called “henna.”
17. Elephants and ostriches live in South Sudan. Are elephants “big” or “small?”

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