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Kids of Courage VBS

“I chose Kids of Courage this year for our VBS. I tend to stay away from the commercial VBS curriculums and try to find more relevant and meaningful ones. This one caught my attention but I was worried about the heavy content.

“It turned out to be an excellent VBS! What I loved about it was its real life applications and the fact that the kids could learn, not just Bible truths, but learn about other countries and cultures.

“I also liked that it wasn’t coated in sugar…. It’s ok for children to know that there is evil in the world, that they are blessed, and that Christ calls us to make a difference.”

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The complete Kids of Courage VBS curriculum includes a director’s guide, crafts, activities, five teachers’ guides, skits, plays, photo and music CDs, games, snack recipes, The Voice of the Martyrs prayer map, and more.

Read “Ten Facts About VOM’s Kids of Courage VBS Curriculum” here.

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Timid Girl Inspired to Have Courage

Parents and Teachers: Preview is recommended before sharing the VOM magazine with younger children.

“A while back, I started receiving [The Voice of the Martyrs magazine],” a 13-year-old reader wrote to VOM. “At first, I was very timid and embarrassed about my religion. I was afraid kids at school would laugh at me if I talked about Jesus or God. So I did not.

“When I started reading your magazine, it inspired me to become more open about my faith. I even have started a Bible study and invited all the girls in my class. Now, when I’m worried about what others will think about me, I just ask myself, ‘If they can be tortured and die for Jesus, can’t I endure teasing?’ Thank you for giving me courage, VOM!”

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Adopt a Front-Line Worker

From the February 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine

Every day, Christians in the most dangerous places in the world are working to advance the gospel at any cost. These front-line workers have been questioned, beaten, and arrested for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Yet they boldly continue God’s work.

Prayer is what they need the most.

You can “adopt” a front-line worker in prayer now at Please consider supporting these faithful Christian brothers and sisters in prayer. When you commit to pray regularly for one year, VOM will send you a card with the name and photo of a front-line worker so you can keep it in your Bible or another location as a reminder to pray.

Global Prayer Guide 2019

The Voice of the Martyrs’ 2019 Global Prayer Guide helps Christians pray for each of the nations where VOM works. It includes information about each country, details about life for Christians there, and facts about whether or not Bibles are available in the country. It’s a great resource for school reports, too!

Check the January 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine or click here  to find out how to order one free copy or to purchase additional copies.

Indonesia: App Helps Muslims Report “Blasphemy”

News reports are telling readers about a new app that helps people in Indonesia report blasphemy to the government. “Blasphemy” means insulting things that are holy.

Indonesia has more Muslims that any other country in the world. So blasphemy in Indonesia means saying something against Islam or Muslim beliefs. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) Some Christians are concerned that the app will lead Muslims to report more Christians to the police and get them arrested.

Users can rate the app and tell how much they like it. So far, thankfully, the app is getting low ratings.

Pray that technology and social media will lead more Indonesians to Christ instead of helping them give Christians a hard time.